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The Smarter E Europe
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The Smarter E Europe

Join us at The Smarter E Europe in hall B5, stand no. 320. Our experts, Jörg Scholz and Jürgen Sutterlüti will be present and ready to address your questions.

Gateway to a Sustainable and Digitized Energy Future

The Smarter E Europe is the continent’s largest platform for shaping a sustainable and digitized energy future. This event is essential for innovators, decision-makers, and enthusiasts interested in exploring the latest trends in battery energy storage, photovoltaic (PV) solutions, and electric vehicle (EV) mobility.
The platform is an international hub for stakeholders in the new energy world.

The Smarter E Europe provides valuable insights into these three key sectors’ convergence, emphasizing their essential role in developing a smarter, more efficient, and greener energy landscape.

Gantner Instruments: Your Partner for a Digitized Energy Future

As a recognized industry player shaping the digitized energy future, Gantner Instruments proudly presents its comprehensive suite of services across these key sectors:

  • Utility-scale PV Monitoring solutions
  • PV Testing solutions
  • Battery testing and monitoring solutions

Utility-scale PV Monitoring Solutions

Utility-scale PV Monitoring Solutions
Utility-scale PV Monitoring Solutions

PV Testing Solutions

We offer turnkey testing solutions for PV Modules, PV arrays, and Mechanistic model development for your optimized energy harvest, predictive O&M, and investment decisions.
Thanks to state-of-the-art Loss-Factors-Mode, we can achieve best-in-class characterization based on IVscans or DC/AC measurements. Our performance prediction model for each Power Plant component is extremely robust with the best-in-class accuracy, better than your irradiance sensor accuracy.

Gantner Instruments Outdoor Test facility, Arizona

Battery Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Gantner Instruments is an innovation leader in battery testing. Our versatile product lineup delivers exceptional accuracy, flexibility, and scalability to suit your needs.

Battery testing solution by Gantner Instruments

Learn more about our offers for battery testing and monitoring now: 

Monitoring Batteries in a Growing Market

In the fast-paced growth of the battery market, the need for effective monitoring solutions equally rises. Gantner Instruments delivers cutting-edge data acquisition systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety across various battery applications.

More Energy Solutions from Gantner Instruments


Discover more about Gantner Instruments’ Energy Solutions.

Engage with Us at The Smarter E Europe

Join us at The Smarter E Europe in hall B5, stand no. 320. Our experts, Jörg Scholz and Jürgen Sutterlüti will be present and ready to address your questions. We encourage you to reach out to us ahead of the event.

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Juergen Sutterlueti

Joerg Scholz

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Universal I/O module with analog output for closed-loop control applications