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Qualities of Q.series X

Q.series X is Gantner’s cutting-edge DAQ technology used globally for testing and monitoring applications in the mobility, aerospace, civil engineering, oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors.
Q.series X Overview
Engineered Flexibility

Intelligently designed from the inside out, Q.series X DAQ has the adaptability required to solve any modern engineering
problem without sacrificing performance or invalidating your investment.

Standalone Operation

Computer-independent measurement, data logging, and control with RT Linux operating system for reliable 24/7 operation of up to 64 connected I/O modules per controller.

Long-term Reliable DAQ

Q.series X is engineered exclusively based on proven industry standards, so you can take full advantage of Gantner Instruments
products’ best-in-class MTBF of more than 20 years.

Open Connectivity & APIs

Safe and reliable data exchange and interoperability through various read/write interfaces at the edge, desktop, and cloud level and modern APIs for device configuration and data stream access.

Benefits of choosing Q.series X

The capabilities of the Q.series X extend well beyond conventional DAQ; features like intelligent data filtering, data reduction algorithms, IIoT edge computing, and real-time control for automation make the Q.series X the most versatile data acquisition system available on the market.

The Q.series X controller, Q.station X, connects up to 64 mixed-signal measurement modules with up to 8th order filtering or up to 16 analog input channels sampling at 100 kHz and up to 32 virtual variables (e.g., RMS, Avg, Alarm, etc.). This large capacity per Q.series X DAQ system is possible due to its  5 UARTS (4 for data transfer, 1 for configuration) with a data transfer rate of 48 Mbaud per UART. The 5th UART is to enable reconfiguration during DAQ operation. 

But the flexibility does not stop there: Q.series X I/O modules feature front plates with fully customizable sensor connectors, increasing efficiency and safety for all applications. Q.series X is also intelligently designed to have interchangeable enclosures: DIN rail, Rugged & Portable, 1U/3U 19” racks, and be space-saving, where single wide controllers and modules are only 35mm wide on DIN rail. 

Best if you need:

  • Powerful signal conditioning
  • Higher ADC rates
  • Higher data rates
  • Customized connectors
  • Reconfiguration during operation

Q.series X DAQ products take the performance and long-term reliability of Gantner’s flagship DAQ series for over 10 years to the neXt level.


Q.series Xtended EditionQ.series Classic Edition
Sampling rate, e.g., of Multi Purpose Module

20kHz / 100kHz

10kHz / 100kHz
Amount of Input Channels at 100kHz168
Baud rate per UART48Mbaud24Mbaud
No. of UARTs5 (1 for configuration)4
Re-configuration during operationyes
Connector on Module FrontCustomization possible10-pole Standard

DIN rail, Portable, 19" Rack

DIN rail
Width on DIN rail of Controller Q.station35mm175mm
Interface Upgrade from UART to EtherCATyes
A141 Charge Amplifieryes
A108 with excitation for MEMS sensorsyes
Q.Boost A101 MHz Moduleyes
F108 Optical Gage Amplifieryes
F100 Optical UART Extensionyes

Highest Order of Filter on Module



Time synchronization with Ethernet (PTP)


Number of virtual variables (rms, avg, alarm, etc.)

up to 32


Building your Q.series X DAQ system

Form factor

Choose between Distributed and Flexible (bloxx), Portable and Compact (brixx), or Multi-channel Measuring Systems (raxx 3U & slimline). Q.series X measurement module front plates, connectors, and I/O cards are interchangeable between bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U), so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.


Select from a variety of Q.station X controllers differing in scalability, performance, additional interfaces, additional internal storage, PLC programmability, and physical size.

DAQ Modules

Choose from a wide variety of dedicated, multi-purpose, digital, or high-isolation measurement and I/O modules for all relevant signal types.


GI.bench is a one-time purchase, subscription-free software suite for quick and easy setup of measurement channels, data loggers, and dashboards. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API.

We are available to answer questions about applications and products or help you with complete test and measurement setups. As a special thank you for purchasing Gantner Instruments products and services, we are committed to providing you with free personalized support from our technical specialists over the lifetime of your investment – without any barriers.

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