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Discover the Q.series X from Gantner Instruments

Gantner’s modular and scalable Q.series X data acquisition hardware provides accurate signal conditioning for a wide range of sensor types, supporting both conventional electrical sensors and fiber optic sensors.

The capabilities of the Q.series X extend well beyond the normal; features like intelligent data filtering, data reduction algorithms, IIoT edge computing, and real-time control for automation make the Q.series X the most versatile data acquisition system available on the market.

Q.series X Comes with Impressive X-tras:

  • Powerful signal conditioning, like filtering and channel-to-channel operations
  • Higher ADC rates
  • Higher data rates
  • Customized connectors
  • Re-configuration during operation

eXtended Performance Edition

High Flexibility – Use Different Interfaces with the Same Measurement Module

Connect to Ethernet, CAN, ProfiNet

… with test.controller Q.station X:

  • Up to 20 powerful data loggers
  • Up to 100 kHz per channel

Connect to EtherCAT

… with bus coupler:

  • Full EtherCAT functionality like XFC
  • 10 kHz real read and write

Measurement and I/O Modules for all Relevant Signals

Dedicated Modules

  • 8 strain gage quarter,
    half and full bridge
  • 16 strain gage quarter bridge
  • 8 thermocouples
  • 8 voltages or current

Multi Purpose Modules

  • 2 or 4 inputs for almost all sensors
  • Strain gage module with DC and CF excitation

High Isolation Modules

  • Isolation 1200 VDC
  • Inputs for voltage, current, thermocouples, Pt100, NTC, IEPE, strain gage full and half bridge

Digital Modules

  • Frequency and PWM in and outputs
  • Quadrature and up/down counter
  • Specials like missing tooth detection and chronos method
The flexible DAQ system that grows with your needs

Distributed and Flexible

The DAQ modules can be installed close to the point of measurement and connected to the controller. This reduces cable clutter and is user friendly. Also, notably, measurements are less prone to noise due to short sensor cables.

Portable and Compact

The ideal DAQ solution for on-the-go applications requiring higher performance in potentially harsh environments.

Multi-channel Measuring System

Efficient distributed DAQ with high-precision synchronisation and gradual expansion up to thousands of channels.


Sampling rate e.g. of multi purpose module: 20kHz / 100kHz


16 input channels with 100kHz


48 Mbaud per UART


5 UARTs (1 for configuration)


Get customized connectors on module front


Available enclosures: DIN rail, portable, 19” rack


Space-saving: 35mm width of the Controller Q.station on DIN rail


Highest order of filter on module: 6th


Up to 32 virtual variables (rms, avg, alarm …)

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