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DAQ Systems



Introduction to DAQ Systems

Data acquisition systems (DAQ or DAS) collect information from connected sensors and other instrumentation to measure and record electrical and physical quantities, such as voltage, current, temperature, strain, pressure, shock,  vibration, distance, displacement, RPM, Angle, and weight. A DAQ System typically consists of sensors, measurement hardware with signal conditioning and an Analog-to-Digital converter, and a computer with programmable software for data logging and analysis.

Did you know?

Gantner Instruments DAQ systems are fully operational with data logging and analysis standalone without  connected a PC.

Components of DAQ Systems

A complete DAQ system consists of the Software, Controller, DAQ module(s), and Sensor(s).

Data acquisition systems convert the signals from connected sensors from analog to digital values and send this data to the controller. Controllers process and store the collected data. The data streams can be filtered, merged, and stored (by an event). With the help of software (usually on a PC), the streamed data can be visualized, analyzed, or post-processed.



GI.bench is a one-time purchase, subscription-free software suite for quick and easy setup of measurement channels, data loggers, and dashboards. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API.


Controllers process and store the collected data internally or externally, and can stream that data to various destinations such as Software on a connected PC or to a Cloud solution.


DAQ modules measure the signals of connected sensors and convert them from analog to digital values to be sent to the Controller for further processing.


No DAQ system is complete without accessories like cables, terminals, etc., but which ones can vary greatly between test and measurement applications across various industries.


Sensors produce an output signal to sense a physical event or phenomenon, detect events or changes in its environment, and send the information to the connected DAQ Modules.

Discover Gantner Instruments DAQ


Our ingenious circuitry guarantees accurate, precise, and stable measurement of temperature sensors, strain gauge signals, complex frequency signals, and voltages up to 1500 V.


Enjoy virtually jitter-free time-synchronous data across scalable multi-system, high-density, distributed solutions using, e.g., IRIG-B, GPS, NTP, PTPv2 protocols, and EtherCAT DC.


Tailor mixed-measurement systems exactly around your needs, from measurement types to form factors; our systems can adapt and stay relevant as your needs grow.


Our measurement systems are exclusively based on proven industry standards so that you can take full advantage of our best-in-class MTBF of more than 20 years.


Up to thousands of channels worth of modular I/O products can be connected in any sequence or group and distributed along test rigs with interconnecting cables on an as-needed basis.


Safe and reliable data exchange and interoperability through various read/write interfaces at the edge, desktop, and cloud level and modern APIs for device configuration and data stream access.


All Gantner products feature galvanic isolation up to 1200 VDC between every channel, bus, and power supply and include industry-standard high-safety connector options.

Our DAQ Systems

Gantner Instruments offers modular and flexibile DAQ system configurations. We are committed to deliver upwards compatibility across our entire range of products and systems to enable our customers to utilize their existing instrumentation and software for decades to come with lifetime calibration support.

Q.series X

The NeXt level in performance and technological advancement of the Q.series Classic, Gantner’s Q.series X data acquisition systems offer high-performance signal conditioning with flexible interfaces and form factors, higher ADC, and data rates. Q.series X is capable of distributed and daisy chained setups, as well as reconfiguration during operation, and offers a variety of connector options.

Q.series Classic

For over ten years, Gantner Instruments’ flagship DAQ system has been trusted by engineers, system integrators, and OEMs worldwide. The Q.series Classic is the original modern DAQ flavor Gantner offers, featuring a competitive price-to-performance ratio for multi-channel applications, especially at high density.

Flexible Form Factors

We offer a variety of modular packaging styles and the ability to swap between them.
Choose between Distributed and Flexible, Portable and Compact, or Multi-channel Measuring Systems. Front plates, connectors, and I/O cards are interchangeable between bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U), so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.

Pick a Controller​

We offer a variety of controllers varying in scalability, performance, interfaces, internal storage, PLC programmability, and physical size. Choose between the Q.station X, Q.monixx, and Q.core for our Q.series X DAQ systems (Ethernet, CAN, Profibus, and EtherCAT), and we offer the Q.station 101 for our Q.series Classic DAQ systems (Ethernet, CAN, and Profibus).

Ethernet, CAN, ProfiNet

Connect up to 64 DAQ modules per controller for reliable 24/7 PC-less operation. Create independent, multifrequency data loggers, and utilize powerful arithmetic functions. Fieldbus interfaces, support for publish/subscribe and messaging protocols and customer-specific communication protocols.



Configure with EtherCAT masters like TwinCAT or KPA. Option to use the computational functionality of a Q.station controller or full EtherCAT functionality with an EC bus coupler.

All-in-One Edge Device

The Q.monixx is a controller with built-in analog and digital I/O, ideal for remote monitoring & control, computer independent data logging, remote configuration, and universal connectivity. 

High-performance data processing

The Q.core is a high-performance controller for connecting up to decentralized controllers, data clients, peripherals, and includes 1TB SDD packed in a 1U (1.75”) 19-inch rack-mount space. 

Measurement and I/O modules for all Relevant Signals

All electrical, mechanical and thermal parameters can be measured with dedicated Q.series X modules. They can be easily combined and extended. Data streams with different sampling rates can be merged together for efficient post processing.
Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – ANALOG

I/Os for almost all sensor
Strain gage module with DC and CF excitation

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • Potentiometer

  • RTD / Cryogenic thermistor

  • Thermocouple

  • Strain gage: Full-, Half-, Quarter-Bridge

  • Inductive full-& half bridge

  • LVDT

  • IEPE / Charge

  • Analog output

Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – DIGITAL

Frequency, PWM: Input and output
Specials: Quadrature, up/down counter, missing tooth detection, chronos method

  • Frequency / Counter

  • Pulse-width modulation

  • Time

  • Status

Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – HIGH VOLTAGE

Inputs for voltage, current, thermocouples, Pt100, NTC, IEPE, strain gage and much more

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • RTD

  • Thermocouple

  • Strain gage

  • IEPE

Software that Connects You

Open and scalable software platforms with data processing and analytics.
Configure, operate and visualize your data

Our software platform allows teams to monitor dashboards on any computer or mobile device using a web browser without needing additional software. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API.


GI.bench - Data Acquisition Software

GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition software environment that combines system setup and configuration and logging and monitoring multiple data streams in one easy-to-use desktop application. - Data Acquisition in the Cloud

The enables the acquisition and processing of data from distributed measurement devices. combines Gantner’s proven edge devices for monitoring and control with an adaptive and scalable cloud backend.

GI.connectivity - Open and Flexible

GI.connectivity provides safe and reliable data exchange and interoperability through various read/write interfaces at the edge, desktop, and cloud levels. GI.connectivity will transform your Q.series X system into the most open and flexible data acquisition and streaming platform available.


We are available to answer questions about applications and products or help you with complete test and measurement setups. As a special thank you for purchasing Gantner Instruments products and services, we are committed to providing you with free personalized support from our technical specialists over the lifetime of your investment – without any barriers.

Customize your Modular DAQ System

Choose from a wide variety of dedicated, multi-purpose, digital, or high-isolation measurement and I/O modules for all relevant signal types.

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