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Discover the Latest GI.bench from Gantner Instruments

GI.bench comes with an enhanced user experience, intuitive navigation, and added features.


PC-based Data Acquisition Software

GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition software environment that combines system setup and configuration and logging and monitoring multiple data streams in one easy-to-use desktop application. GI.bench enables you to configure, execute, and analyze your testing and monitoring projects on the fly with access high-availability measurement data, anywhere.

Experience GI.bench’s latest powerful features today. Download GI.bench, and discover a world of data acquisition and analysis possibilities. For a detailed overview of the latest release, visit our blog post.

GI.bench – for Modern and Robust Measurement Setups

The GI.bench software platform combines faster test setups, project configuration and handling, as well as visualization of data streams in one digital workbench.

It enables you to configure, execute and analyze your measurement and test tasks on the fly. Access live and historical measurements data anywhere.

With GI.bench’s UI design, experience the difference in accessing high-availability measurement data, anywhere. Witness the power of the new features in action with our Microphone demo.

To optimize your testing and monitoring projects, GI.bench now includes an Oscilloscope widget with sin and rectangle wave functions and new FFT Chart. Enhance your data analysis with the Statistics view in the marker window. Access historical sources from a dedicated tree and view live data with a click. These features of GI.bench enable you to configure, execute, and analyze your testing and monitoring projects more efficiently.

Play Video about GI.bench 13.3 Best of v4

DAQ System Setup

  • I/O module configuration, calibration, alarming
  • Project-based configuration
  • Channel groups and multichannel editing
  • Import and export
  • Sensor database
  • Offline editing
  • Signal quick view
  • Easy Firmware Update
  • Structured view
  • Time zone adjusted

Our integrated CAN Editor provides a graphical overview of CAN messages, enhancing your system setup.

The Power Analyzer Configuration in GI.bench is a click away. Link directly to the Q.boost website for an advanced experience.

Configuring your data acquisition process is smooth with the Action Buttons column including Tare, Zero, Shunt, Reset.

Data Logging

  • Multi-frequency data logging
  • Save data in different formats
  • Multiple logger modes
  • Parallel data logging
  • Datastream merging
  • “Armed” State for logger button

Change the default download directory in settings, and control dashboard access directly from the data acquisition toolbar.

Custom Dashboards

  • Configurable multi-tab dashboards
  • Remote viewing via any web browser
  • Save dashboard layouts with project
  • Real-time and historical data
  • YT, XY, Oscilloscope, FFT, Bar, 3D
  • Embedded IP camera stream
  • High-granularity zoom
  • Signal markers
  • Print and save to file
  • Direct access to the Controller-Dashboard from the data acquisition toolbar
  • Button to open default download directory in left panel

The improved custom dashboards include FFT evaluator configuration in variable settings and FFT evaluator view in the marker window.

Online Analysis

  • Engineering unit conversion
  • Real-time calculation
  • Frequency analysis
  • Rainflow counting
  • Data reduction methods

Intuitive User Interface

  • Modern look and feel
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Configuration self-check

GI.bench offers an enhanced user interface with a modern and sleek design, providing improved dialogues for easier navigation and online measurements for sensor definitions.

Upload your files easily with our File Uploading feature and handle your data conveniently with our CSV Export/Import feature.

Save your files directly to Archive for a streamlined data handling process.

Advanced Features

  • Cloud edge device configuration
  • Third-party data stream integration
  • PubSub extensions for OPC UA, MQTT, DDS
  • Parameterization of CAN, EtherCAT, PROFINET, test.con apps
  • Data acquisition with F108 Optical Gage Amplifier and 4 MHz Q.boost
  • Advanced API for configuration and data access

Includes an easy firmware update feature and dialogs for a smooth user experience.

Choose between free & licensed plan

Features Free Licensed
Online project configuration
Offline project configuration
Project config import/export
Sensor database
Advanced data stream options
GI. cloud pairing and remote service
PC-based data logging 1 logger unlimited
Controller-based data logging 20 loggers 20 loggers
Dashboard designer
Browser-based dashboard 30 min max unlimited
Data viewing 30 min max unlimited
Virtual variables and arithmetics on controller on controller and PC
Test.con apps
Data export
Quick and Easy Setup of Multi-channel Data Acquisition
Reduce setup time and cost to a minimum with channel grouping, multichannel editing, and robust configuration importing and exporting.
  • Quick and Easy Setup of Multi-channel Data Acquisition
  • Configure Multi-frequency Data Loggers
  • Create Engaging Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards with Your Team
  • Modern API for Configuration and Data Access
  • Processing of Large Volumes of Data

The Architecture of GI.bench






User Interface



Enhance Your Expertise with our GI.bench Training Courses

We’re excited to announce our customized online training programs for GI.bench. Our training courses, now available both online and in-person, have been designed to accommodate users of all experience levels.

Whether you’re just getting started with our platform or looking to master the intricacies of GI.bench, our team of experienced trainers is ready to guide you. You’ll learn the ins and outs of our hardware and software, from creating channels to configuring data loggers, all through practical, hands-on exercises.

To make things even better, we offer the convenience of on-site training at your company, bringing our expertise right to your doorstep.

Ready to become a GI.bench pro? Click here to find out more about our training courses.

GI.bench Demo & Download

Experience GI.bench’s powerful new features today. Download the new version, and discover a world of data acquisition and analysis possibilities.

Application Examples

Gantner’s cutting-edge DAQ technology is trusted globally for applications in the mobility, aerospace, civil engineering, and energy sectors. Choose from the following industry examples to discover the most versatile DAQ on the market.
GM Hummer EV - Test and Measurement HW for A&D (GM Battery Lab Project)
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Measuring temperature in components of Hybrid Electric Drives

For our client, a well-known German engineering and technology market leader, we delivered the testing application solution for temperature measurements of components and new materials of hybrid electrical drives.

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