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Q.series Classic

The Q.series Classic DAQ system has been trusted by engineers, system integrators, and OEMs worldwide since 2009. The Q.series Classic is the original modern DAQ flavor Gantner offers, featuring Gantner’s best price-to-performance ratio for DIN mount applications, especially at high volume. Q.series Classic is designed to provide users with reliable data acquisition and control while guaranteeing laboratory-grade accuracy. The system has features to monitor and remotely control data with modular I/O. The system is designed to provide users with an easy-to-use interface to quickly and securely access data and customize the system for specific tasks. With its modular I/O, remote monitoring, and synchronized data collection capabilities, the Q.series Classic system is the perfect tool for most data acquisition and control needs.

Advantages of Q.series Classic

The Q.series Classic offers modular and flexible DAQ system configurations. We are committed to delivering cross-compatibility across our entire range of products and systems to enable our customers to utilize their existing instrumentation and software for decades to come.


  • Multi-channel applications with the highest density
  • High availability, short lead times
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Connection on front of the module
  • Distributed setup using GI.bench

Building your Q.series Classic DAQ system

Form factor

Choose between Distributed and Flexible (bloxx), Pallet Mount and Harsh Environments (staxx), or High-Density Multi-channel Measuring Systems (raxx slimline). 


The Q.station 101 controller offers scalability, performance, interfaces, internal storage, PLC programmability, and is DIN rail mountable. 


Choose from a wide variety of dedicated, multi-purpose, digital, or high-isolation measurement and I/O modules for all relevant signal types. 


GI.bench is a one-time purchase, subscription-free software suite for quick and easy setup of measurement channels, data loggers, and dashboards. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API.

We are available to answer questions about applications and products or help you with complete test and measurement setups. As a special thank you for purchasing Gantner Instruments products and services, we are committed to providing you with free personalized support from our technical specialists over the lifetime of your investment – without any barriers.

Choose Q.series X for more flexibility

Q.series X DAQ products take the performance and long-term reliability of Gantner’s flagship DAQ series for over 10 years to the neXt level. Intelligently designed from the inside out, Q.series X DAQ has the adaptability required to solve any modern engineering problem without sacrificing performance.


Q.series Xtended EditionQ.series Classic Edition
Sampling rate, e.g., of Multi Purpose Module

20kHz / 100kHz

10kHz / 100kHz
Amount of Input Channels at 100kHz168
Baud rate per UART48Mbaud24Mbaud
No. of UARTs5 (1 for configuration)4
Re-configuration during operationyes
Connector on Module FrontCustomization possible10-pole Standard

DIN rail, Portable, 19" Rack

DIN rail
Width on DIN rail of Controller Q.station35mm175mm
Interface Upgrade from UART to EtherCATyes
A141 Charge Amplifieryes
A108 with excitation for MEMS sensorsyes
Q.Boost A101 MHz Moduleyes
F108 Optical Gage Amplifieryes
F100 Optical UART Extensionyes

Highest Order of Filter on Module



Time synchronization with Ethernet (PTP)


Number of virtual variables (rms, avg, alarm, etc.)

up to 32


Flexible Form Factors

We offer a variety of modular packaging styles. Choose between Distributed and Flexible DIN rail modules (bloxx), Portable and Compact (brixx), or Multi-channel 19” Rack Systems (1U & 3U). Q.series X measurement module I/O cards and front plates with their connector terminals can be interchanged between the bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U) form factors, so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.

Choose Your Connectors

Q.series X I/O modules feature front plates with fully customizable sensor connectors, increasing efficiency and safety for all applications. Our applications engineers can help you customize your DAQ system to your application’s exact needs with special connector options available for any Q.series X measurement module.

For these additional features and more, consider our Q.series X product line for your application.

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