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Portable System -

Q.brixx XL

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brixx: Compact, rugged, and portable

Compact, rugged, and portable systems, are the ideal DAQ solution for on-the-go applications requiring high performance in potentially harsh environments. Several I/O module types are available allowing you to “mix and match” measurement features with your applications needs. Up to 16 modules can be added to the Q.brixx XL system, including a test controllers, measurement modules, and a number of flexible signal conditioning options.

Benefits of choosing brixx

Rugged for on-the go testing
The functionality of the Q.series X housed in a tough aluminum enclosure.
Built-in handles
Included are two thick aluminum handles for comfortable and secure grip.
Optional mounting flanges (replace handles)
The brixx form factor is ideal if you require rugged DAQ mounted, e.g., for in vehicle testing.
Systems up to 16 modules
Portable systems can connect up to 16 modules in series for seriously rugged DAQ.
High-speed Applications
Great choice for compact systems requiring up to 16 channels at 100 kHz.
Reduced Sensor Cable Cost
Setups close to test subjects need less sensor cables per application, saving you money.

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