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Interested in Aerospace Structural Testing but don’t know what Gantner products are best for you? Our engineers can quickly help you personalize a Q.series X DAQ system around your needs.

Gantner Instruments understands that the validation and certification of aircraft structural components are expensive and time-consuming. The accuracy and precision of strain gage measurements are of the greatest importance to determining a structure’s durability and damage tolerance design. The costs and risks involved are substantial, pressure for quick entry into service is high, while sensor density and data produced during a structural test program are increasing progressively. The design of the Q.series X data acquisition system is aimed at maximizing test efficiency and reducing overall test cost and time.

Need Expert
Results Fast?

Interested in Aerospace Structural Testing but don’t know what Gantner products are best for you? Our engineers can quickly help you personalize a Q.series X DAQ system around your needs.
The allowable ultimate stresses must not exceed the design ultimate load for at least 3 seconds (static; normally 1.5 times the maximum load in the design case) and must not cause any detrimental deformations at loads of at least 75% of the design’s ultimate load.
Fatigue testing of the full-scale airframe, wing, or landing gear must show that catastrophic failure due to fatigue, corrosion, manufacturing defects, or accidental damage will be avoided throughout the operational life of the airplane.
Low and high cycle fatigue testing to obtain mechanical properties like stiffness and failure strength and validate the component’s safe and economical service life.
Testing a structure’s or material’s ability to operate safely at different temperatures to understand its safe operating limits and potential lifespan.

Why Gantner Instruments

High Strain Gage Measurement Certainty

For structural testing of aircraft components, strain is the single most important measurement. Q.series X strain gage modules come with a high-stability bridge completion resistor for quarter-bridge configurations and the unique Online Compensation Signal (OCS) feature for continuous lead wire resistance compensation.

Reliable, Multi-channel Data Processing

While traditional data acquisition solutions focus on handling data in batches, a streaming data architecture consumes data immediately as it is generated. Our Q.core data acquisition controller offers a scalable data backend for handling data from thousands of strain gage sensors with multi-site remote data monitoring capability for direct processing, analyzing, and reporting test data.

Multi-frequency and Redundant Data Logging

Full-scale component tests generate a lot of measurement data due to the many strain gage sensors used. The fully configurable data loggers offer maximum flexibility for generating fatigue time series data whether you prefer low-frequency continuous logging, triggered high-speed logging, snapshot logging, or peak-valley logging. Q.series X systems have multiple levels of redundancy for assured data availability.

Open Interfaces for Cost-Effective Monitoring of Complex Tests

Predicting or quickly detecting structural failures is important during a complex full-scale component test. Reliable interoperability between load control, data acquisition, and simulation systems are vital for making reporting of test results, including correlation with simulation models, more efficient. GI.connectivity provides safe and reliable data exchange and interoperability through various read/write interfaces, including collaborative solutions for test systems from Moog and MTS.

Nanosecond Time Synchronization Between All Channels

Asynchronous measurement data is one of the major uncertainties during a test program. Q.series X features out-of-the-box time synchronization between all channels. Even when the system is distributed over long distances, it ensures precise nanosecond synchronization. Various time protocols are supported to synchronize with a high-precision timekeeping device or ancillary control & measuring systems.

Who trusts Gantner for Aerospace Structural Testing?

Deutsche Bahn

Application Examples

Gantner Instruments is working with leading test facilities and test system integrators on innovative, state-of-the-art data acquisition solutions that satisfy even the most demanding test and measurement applications in aerospace.
Final Assembly of Airbus A350
Aircraft Component Structural Testing (YJSP)

Measuring temperature in components of Hybrid Electric Drives

For our client, a well-known German engineering and technology market leader, we delivered the testing application solution for temperature measurements of components and new materials of hybrid electrical drives.

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