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19” Rack 3U -


raxx: High-channel density

The raxx form factor is Gantner Instruments’ 19″ rack solution – perfect for applications that require high channel density and custom sensor terminations. Multiple raxx systems can be synchronized together for maximum scalability and efficient DAQ distribution. This provides all users with the capability to expand upon existing Gantner DAQ infrastructures seamlessly for up to thousands of channels, all with high accuracy measurements and a maximum jitter of less than 1 microsecond.

Advantages of raxx

High channel density
Multi-channel systems for efficient distribution of DAQ with high-precision synchronization.
Custom connectors for racks
The go-to rack solution with customizable module front plates for any required sensor connector.
Ideal for gradual expansion
Build your DAQ as your needs grow up to thousands of channels with near limitless scalability.
Standard 19” rack form factor
19” 3U is a standardized frame or enclosure for mounting multiple electronic equipment modules.
Simple assembly and setup
Systems are factory assembled with optional factory configuration for plug-and-play testing.
Integrated Test Controller
Single-slot, high-performance controller for all control, recording, logging and communication.

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