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DIN Rail System -


bloxx: DIN-rail mountable

The DIN-rail mountable design of bloxx provides the most flexibility and the most attractive price point, especially in smaller systems. The ability to freely mix and distribute measurement modules provides the highest in overall system adaptability and expandability. Distributed DIN rail assembly can be installed close to the measurement point while remaining connected to the controller. This reduces cable clutter and is user-friendly. Also, measurements are less prone to noise due to short sensor cables. 

Benefits of bloxx

Distributed system setups

Many topologies are possible for bloxx due to flexibility in distribution.

Less prone to signal noise
Distributed setups with modules close to test subjects reduce sensor cable runs.
Lowest module price
The bloxx form factor for Q.series X is the most affordable price per product available.
DIN-rail mountable

System can be mounted to 35mm DIN-rail (according to DIN EN 60715).

Reduce sensor cable cost

Setups close to test subjects need less sensor cables per application, saving you money.

Modular design

Mix-and-match Q.series X measurement modules and expand your system as needed.

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