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Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve regarding the latest advancements in asset condition monitoring, automotive testing, mixed-signal multi-channel measurement, and real-time energy grid control? Join our upcoming webinars to learn more about the success factors, changing demands, and challenges within these industries.

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Success Factors for Asset Condition Monitoring by Industry

Aging infrastructure, unexpected damage, cost pressure, reducing energy consumption, or increasing reliability and availability – plant managers in every industry know these buzzwords too well.
Success Factors for Asset Condition Monitoring by Industry_Webinar

Changing demands within Automotive Testing

How Gantner Instruments supports market leaders in eDrive/eMobility testing ft. A & D Technology.

The challenge of Mixed-signal Multi-channel Measurement

Mixing and distributing I/O measurement modules can be costly, time-consuming, and challenging, especially when multiple measurement types are required, such as strain gages, temperatures, accelerometers, etc. When these application tests grow to hundreds and thousands of channels, the hardware, software, and network infrastructure also add to the test’s complexity.

Real-time energy grid control based on big data

With the increase in renewable energy sources, the challenge for grid operators to keep the grid frequency stable is becoming even greater. Constant data collection is essential. Modern control technology makes it possible to execute controls more quickly, whereby smart grids can be further optimized.

Gantner Instruments works with researchers from the University of Cyprus to find better ways to optimally and intelligently manage electricity consumption and power generation, especially in local grids with a high proportion of renewable energies.

Learn how Gantner relied on CrateDB to analyze the amount of data generated by the project in real-time and to improve the processes through machine learning. CrateDB is a world-leading multi-model database that easily analyzes data at scale.