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Simplify your measurement tasks


New measurement tasks often come with new measurement hardware and software, and the time for commissioning the new hardware often needs to be considered during project planning.

We offer our users specialized and individualized assistance to support them with their tasks. Through these targeted measures, we accelerate the implementation of our products and help our customers achieve useful utilization and analysis for the highest possible quality in measurement results. 

We have summarized over 20 years of test and measurement experience into compact, easy-to-follow courses.

First, general points about the hardware are explained to you to get a general understanding of how the GI hardware works.
Next, you are introduced to GI.bench, its environment, and setting options. Throughout the training, you create channels, sampling rates, and data loggers and configure them step by step, deepening the acquired knowledge. The numerous visualization capabilities covered with the GI Dashboard are exceptionally illuminating.

The course is divided into several compact theory blocks. It is rounded off with numerous practical exercises to implement what you are trying to learn directly, ensuring a steep but sustainable learning curve.

Training topics


  • Configuration of the measuring hardware (addressing)
  • Setting DIP switches
  • Setting IP address
  • Functionality of the local bus
  • Establishing communication Q.station <-> PC (HighspeedPort-Buffer, -Online)
  • raxx, brixx, bloxx
GI.bench general
  • Licensing
  • Interface and menus
  • Setting of User to Expert
  • Language settings
  • Reading of the controller
Configuration measuring channel
  • Creating a measuring channel and configuration
  • Writing the configuration to the controller
Theory bandwidth
  • Sampling rates, bandwidth, and ring buffer
Setting sampling rates
  • Setting the first sampling rate
  • Setting the CPU RT rate and meaning
  • Setting further sampling rates and meaning Buffer
Visualization of data in GI.bench
  • Create data streams
  • visualization of channels
  • Creating groups
  • Using the dashboard
Deepening: Creating virtual channels
  • Creating a virtual channel
  • Arithmetic functions
Deepening: Data logger
  • Three types of logger
  • Storage location
  • Parallel data logger
  • Data logger on PC
  • Cloud outlook
Theory: Prospects for advanced functions
  • Access to Q.station via FTP (retrieval of data files)
  • Visualization of logger data in the dashboard
  • FFT processor on Q.station
  • Test.con function
  • 3rd party software (API)

Basic Courses

The GI.bench Basic course will take place at our new headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany. Dates selectable: The next courses will take place in February 2023. For further information, please get in touch with us.

Cost per participant: EUR 790
Duration: 1 day

  • Wednesday, 19.04.2023
  • Thursday, 11.05.2023
  • Thursday, 17.08.2023
  • Thursday, 16.11.2023

We will provide hardware, measurement equipment, drinks during the course, and lunch on-site.

Basic Courses on-site at your company

For company groups, we offer even more options adapted to your needs. Thus, the Basic Course can be adapted exactly to your company’s and its employees’ tasks and supplemented by additional focal points.

Basic price: EUR 2,490,- (incl. all travel costs and expenses)
Cost per participant: EUR 250
Duration: 1 day

We will provide hardware and measurement equipment.

Expert Courses

Numerous other courses are available on demand to meet your specific requirements. For example, are you interested in integrating Gantner measurement technology into your application or control system? Then we recommend our extension courses on API or Fieldbuses.

Course content:
  • Data logging
  • API extension – LabVIEW deepening
  • API extension – Python deepening
  • Extension Fieldbus – EtherCAT
  • Extension Fieldbus – Profinet
  • Extension Automation – Test.Con
  • Extension GI.bench – Professional
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