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Distributed Streaming Platform


Discover from Gantner Instruments Adaptive and Scalable Platform for High-Performance Edge Computing Services

Adaptive and Scalable Platform for High-Performance Edge Computing Services provides integrated high-resolution measurement, big data analytics, and secure data access and facilitates connectivity, acquisition, and processing of data from distributed measurement devices. The platform combines Gantner’s proven edge-type monitoring and control hardware, an adaptive and scalable cloud backend, a comprehensive user interface, and state-of-the-art APIs.






User Interface



Leveraging the power of

Today we can connect everything to the cloud. Scalable, reliable, and secure data acquisition solutions are mandatory for modern applications. enables the acquisition and processing of data from distributed measurement devices with a comprehensive user interface and modern APIs. Due to its proven technology and flexible architecture, meets your needs, whether you are an asset manager or a testing organization. The flexible configuration of allows you to set up a system that perfectly fits your needs. also protects your investment thanks to its powerful edge capabilities, scalable cloud modules, and customizable service plug-ins. Once installed, these tools elevate your data acquisition systems to meet higher demands in the future. With, you will be future-proof as you can adapt to increased data acquisition speed, data management, and analytics requirements.
Why use
  • Seamless combination of Gantner’s edge computing devices with cloud platform solutions (micro-services)
  • Customizable user interfaces with easy-to-use feature add-ons
  • Create your dashboard for visualization
  • API’s designed for quick integration into customer platforms and secure data access
  • Efficient time series data processing (in microseconds) due to a scalable platform
  • Clustered hot/cold data storage for minimum running cost
  • Unlimited data storage on the device or based on a scalable data stream processing platform (granularity: microseconds to minutes)
  • Continuous integration of GI.bench services and configuration to cloud level
  • Available platforms: cloud, appliance, or desktop

Enhancements offered by


With, you can scale your data platform worldwide.

Real-Time Data Visualization

  • Controller to cloud platform
  • Create your dashboards
  • Show real-time charts (different controllers, merged data streams)
  • Zoom into a single event (Raw data)
  • Cockpit: shows device location, status, warnings, and metadata
What can do for you?

Life Time Data

  • Efficient storage of full life cycle data streams, e.g., 30 years of device data
  • Easy data access thanks to hot and cold data storage from 30 years to microseconds
  • Store and visualize triggered data and different sampling intervals


  • APIs: integrate the backend into your premises
  • Build customized front-end applications (JavaScript)
  • 3rd party data integration API: visible on the fly on frontend [e.g., 50MW PV data]
  • Cloud API examples: Machine Learning performance prediction (Cyprus), VKW (Austria), NLC (India)

Device Management

  • The easy way to support customers – worldwide

    • Access your controller from GI.bench anywhere, anytime, with remote service
    • Manage all our devices from one the cloud instance
    • Show status, data traffic, alerts, and logs – from all remote devices
    • Only one internet port is needed (https, port: 443, encrypted)
    • Forget about VPN, additional fees, port discussion with customers IT, …

Backend Architecture

  • Generic, normalized Backend scalable from MHz sampling speed to long-term monitoring over decades
  • Open APIs for data access
  • Enrichment for KPIs or customer-specific
  • Unlimited Scalability: start with 1x Q.station and add more and more; add servers on demand

Building your Q.series X DAQ system

Form factor

Choose between Distributed and Flexible (bloxx), Portable and Compact (brixx), or Multi-channel Measuring Systems (raxx 3U & slimline). Q.series X measurement module front plates, connectors, and I/O cards are interchangeable between bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U), so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.


Select from a variety of Q.station X controllers differing in scalability, performance, additional interfaces, additional internal storage, PLC programmability, and physical size. 


Choose from a wide variety of dedicated, multi-purpose, digital, or high-isolation measurement and I/O modules for all relevant signal types. 


GI.bench is a one-time purchase, subscription-free software suite for quick and easy setup of measurement channels, data loggers, and dashboards. Connect data with third-party applications, promote interoperability, and expand your analysis capabilities using our advanced open API. Demo & Pricing​

Contact us for your personal demonstration, demo login and price.

Application Examples

Gantner’s cutting-edge DAQ technology is trusted globally for applications in the mobility, aerospace, civil engineering, and energy sectors. Choose from the following industry examples to discover the most versatile DAQ on the market.
GM Hummer EV - Test and Measurement HW for A&D (GM Battery Lab Project)
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Measuring temperature in components of Hybrid Electric Drives

For our client, a well-known German engineering and technology market leader, we delivered the testing application solution for temperature measurements of components and new materials of hybrid electrical drives.

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