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Q.series X DAQ Modules for Ethernet, CAN and ProfiNet


What is Q.series XL?

All Q.series X DAQ systems possess the same measurement capabilities and performance, regardless of form factor. The main differentiating quality between the XL and XE versions of Q.series X is the Fieldbus communication protocol (Localbus or EtherCAT), which can be interchanged on Q.series X modules using a simple firmware update.

Q.series XL DAQ systems are specialized for Localbus (XL) Fieldbus communication and possess interfaces for CAN, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, publish/subscribe and messaging protocols, e.g., OPC UA, DDS, and MQTT and custom controller plugins for customer-specific communication protocols.

Mix-and-match any combination of measurement modules for any combination of sensor types.

Flexible system topography for distributed setups without sacrificing speed or synchronicity.
Scalable DAQ up to 64 modules and 1 controller per system, multiple systems connectable.
HMI for system control programmed via test.con with live value display seen using Q.screen.
Log data locally or stream data to external sources and legacy systems via various protocols.
System Overview

What can Q.series XL modules measure?

All electrical, mechanical and thermal parameters can be measured with dedicated Q.series X modules. They can be easily combined and extended. Data streams with different sampling rates can be merged together for efficient post-processing.

Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – ANALOG
I/Os for almost all sensor types Strain gage module with DC and CF excitation
  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • Potentiometer

  • RTD / Cryogenic thermistor

  • Thermocouple

  • Strain gage: Full-, Half-, Quarter-Bridge

  • Inductive full-& half bridge

  • LVDT

  • IEPE / Charge

  • Analog output

Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – DIGITAL
Frequency, PWM: Input and output Specials: Quadrature, up/down counter, missing tooth detection, chronos method
  • Frequency / Counter

  • Pulse-width modulation

  • Time

  • Status

Q.series X I/O Signal inputs Design – HIGH VOLTAGE
Inputs for voltage, current, thermocouples, Pt100, NTC, IEPE, strain gage and much more
  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • RTD

  • Thermocouple

  • Strain gage

  • IEPE

Flexible Form Factors

We offer a variety of modular packaging styles. Choose between Distributed and Flexible DIN rail modules (bloxx), Portable and Compact (brixx), or Multi-channel 19” Rack Systems (1U & 3U).

Q.series X measurement module I/O cards and front plates with their connector terminals can be interchanged between the bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U) form factors, so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.

Choose Your Connectors

Intelligently designed from the inside out, Q.series X DAQ has the adaptability required to solve any modern engineering problem without sacrificing performance. Q.series X I/O modules feature front plates with fully customizable sensor connectors, increasing efficiency and safety for all applications.
Our applications engineers can help you customize your DAQ system to your application’s exact needs with special connector options available for any Q.series X measurement module.

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