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Plug&Play – Measurement of voltage and current in high voltage systems!
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Plug&Play – Measurement of voltage and current in high voltage systems!

Just plug it in and go! Is that possible? The answer is yes. With the new measurement technology from Gantner Instruments, the Q.raxx slimline A127 4CV. But what is hidden behind the new DAQ system?

The measurement of currents and voltages becomes particularly interesting as soon as requirements such as accuracy, synchronicity or high voltage are added. With the new Q.raxx slimline A127 4CV you get all the necessary components of the measurement technology compactly in a 1U 19″ housing. 4 channels for voltage measurements in the HV range up to 1200 V as well as 4 channels for direct connection of current transformers with secondary current output, including the required +/- 15 V voltage supply. 

A few key features:

  • 4 high voltage inputs with 4 voltage ranges (±40 V, ±120 V, ±400 V, ±1200 V)
  • Direct connection of 4 current transformers with secondary 4 current output (±200 mA, ±400 mA, ±800 mA, ±2000 mA)
  • Stable and powerful bipolar power supply +/-15 V for current transformers already permanently installed
  • Each channel has its own Ds analog/digital converter (24 bit)
  • All channels Galvanically isolated …1200 V…
  • Measurement accuracy typically 0.01
  • Sampling rate up to 100 kHz, bandwidth 20 kHz
  • Digital filters switchable
  • Synchronism of the measuring signals less than 0.1us
Q.raxx slimline A127 4CV
Q.raxx slimline A127 4CV

High accuracy and maximum quality

Facts and figures are one thing, but what does it mean to you. At Gantner Instruments, we place the highest value on quality and customer value. That is why we have listened to your requirements and developed the new Q.raxx measuring unit for you. Thereby the accuracy with typ. 0,01% for all analog inputs, sampling rates of 100 kHz and a synchronicity of less than 1us result in a product which is ideally suited for all kinds of voltage and current measurements.

The important factors for current measurement

Especially in current measurement, many factors are important to achieve high measurement quality. Firstly, the selection of the right current transformer, such as from the manufacturer LEM© or Danisense©. On the other hand the bipolar voltage supply as well as the installed measuring shunt. If these factors are not correct, then even the most expensive purchased measuring sensor is useless in the truest sense of the word. That is why we have put special emphasis on the components used, so that you get an optimal result right from the start.

All channels have galvanic isolation from channel to channel, to the bus and to the supply of the measurement technology up to 1200 V. The complete current path is calibrated, adjusted and matched to the measurement technology. The built-in shunt has a very low temperature response of only 2 ppm/K. And to top it off, two independent voltage sources are used for each current transformer supply to guarantee a low-noise supply. This is the only way to achieve the best results.

Integration into existing systems

However, precise measurement is only one aspect. It is also important that it can be integrated into new or existing DAQ systems. With the Q.raxx slimline A127 4 CV, three variants are available:

  • Q.raxx A127 XL 4CV: Connection to an existing Gantner DAQ system via the local bus
  • Q.raxx A127 XE 4CV Connection via EtherCAT to any EtherCAT fieldbus system
  • Q.raxx A127 station 4CV:  stand-alone solution for direct connection via Ethernet to your measuring computer

Power measurement from DC to AC measurement range:

You want to implement a power measurement from DC range up to a bandwidth of 20kHz of sinusoidal signals? With the Q.raxx A127 4CV this is possible. RMS values of voltage and current, as well as the calculation of power and cos Phi are possible directly on the controller. With GI.bench, these values can then be visualized or perfectly integrated into your specific environment through the open API. In combination with additional measurement modules from Gantner Instruments, the results of the power measurement can also be synchronized with other measured variables such as speed or torque.


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*only 4CV:
– 4 channel
– +/-2000 mA

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