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Gantner Instruments presents new Machine Learning and Fault detection routines at leading PV and Energy conference in Brussels, Belgium
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Gantner Instruments presents new Machine Learning and Fault detection routines at leading PV and Energy conference in Brussels, Belgium

Within the EU founded project “IPERMON” (“Innovative Performance Monitoring System for Improved Reliability and Optimized Levelized Cost of Electricity”) Gantner Instruments was developing different fault detection routines and failure classification methods for time series data sets.

The advanced machine learning routines are utilizing the Application programming interfaces (APIs) from the platform to execute machine learning. Together with the University of Cyprus our paper was awarded as an outstanding contribution. The oral presentation in front of industrial and scientific experts from all over the world was a great success.


In a second contribution we share latest achievements for Adaptable PV performance modelling where the well-known Loss Factor Model (LFM) and Mechanistic Performance Model (MPM) is combined for advanced performance prediction. The models can be combined with Gantner’s Outdoor Test Facility product and PV power plants monitoring.

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