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September 19, 2019

IPERMON workshop

Improved photovoltaic (PV) system reliability and lifetime output can be safeguarded by advanced performance monitoring solutions integrated with novel data-analytic features and leverage interoperable communicative capabilities.

This workshop on Sept. 30th, 2019  in Cyprus will provide cutting edge insights and extensive technical information in the area of next-generation PV performance monitoring systems that leverage machine learning and data analytics to ensure improved reliability and optimized levelised cost of electricity (LCoE).

Participants will get in-field knowledge of PV monitoring and high quality data-acquisition, leveraging machine learning for energy analytics and latest technology developments to quantify performance losses and optimize the LCoE though cost-effective automated reactive and proactive O&M. The workshop is intended for Project developers and EPCs, O&M service providers, Investors, Consultants and Researchers in the renewable energy sector.

For more details and information visit our IPERMON Project page.


IPERMON workshop

September 30, 2019

Author: Rebekka Brunner

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