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Q.series X D107 SV: Digital Measurement Module with Sensor Supply
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Q.series X D107 SV: Digital Measurement Module with Sensor Supply

The Q.series X D107 2 x Lemo 2B SV module from Gantner Instruments provides a comprehensive solution for digital signal acquisition and sensor supply needs. Designed for distributed installations requiring precise digital measurements, this module enhances the Q.series product family's robust offering.

Integrated Sensor Supply

The Q.series X D107 2 x Lemo 2B SV module offers a sensor supply feature with adjustable voltage and current limits for individual channels, enabling engineers to tailor settings for different sensors. Voltage can be precisely set within the range of 3.3 V to 20 V, with the option to extend it up to 24 V if the supply voltage surpasses 27.3 V, in increments of 10 mV. Additionally, the current limit can be fine-tuned, ranging from 50 mA to 250 mA, adjustable in 100 µA increments.

This feature simplifies your setup, eliminating the need for external power sources for sensors and reducing wiring complexity. By consolidating power supply and data acquisition into a single module, you experience fewer connection points, minimizing the potential for noise interference. This not only streamlines the data acquisition process but also enhances usability, making it easier to connect and manage sensors while ensuring reliable and accurate measurements.


Configurable Digital Inputs

With the ability to configure between two to six digital inputs, users can tailor the module to specific application requirements. These inputs accommodate a range of measurements including counter, frequency, PWM, and can process both differential and single-ended signals. Thresholds are adjustable in 256 discrete steps, providing granularity in signal discrimination.

Frequency and Counter Measurement Capabilities

The module is equipped to handle frequency measurements up to 1 MHz using the Chronos method, allowing for accurate capture of high-speed signals. For applications involving motion control, the counter functionality of the D107 can perform forward and backward counting, as well as quadrature counting with reference zero recognition, essential for precise position and speed tracking.

PWM and Time Measurement

PWM input and output are supported, facilitating the measurement and generation of signals with variable frequency and duty cycle. Time measurement functions are also incorporated, offering the capability to measure intervals with high precision, beneficial for tasks requiring the synchronization of events or signals.

Communication and Environmental Durability

In addition to its versatile input channels and design, the Q.series X D107 2x Lemo 2B SV module offers a wide range of communication and compatibility options to seamlessly integrate into various industrial systems.

  • Engineers can harness its direct EtherCAT capabilities, complemented by the use of a bus coupler for EtherCAT, for efficient and high-speed data exchange.
  • The module supports various interfaces such as CAN-FD, ModbusTCP, Profinet, OPC UA, and more when combined with the Q.station X, for compatibility with diverse control systems.

It also operates effectively within a temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °C, accommodating diverse industrial environments.

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications

The module’s mechanical design is compact, with dimensions suitable for DIN rail mounting. Its electrical characteristics include an input voltage range of 10 to 30 VDC and a power consumption of approximately 2 W, with an input voltage influence of less than 0.001 %/V.

The Q.series X D107 2x Lemo 2B SV digital measurement module is a technically advanced solution for precise digital measurement and control applications. Its integrated sensor supply, configurable inputs, and comprehensive measurement functions make it a valuable component for engineering applications that require high accuracy and reliability.

Curious about the technical details? Click here to access the datasheet and get all the information you need to evaluate the potential of the Q.series X D107 2x Lemo 2B SV digital measurement module for your data acquisition systems.

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