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Q.series X A107 SV: Universal Measurement Module with Sensor Supply
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Q.series X A107 SV: Universal Measurement Module with Sensor Supply

Gantner Instruments' Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module is an adaptable and precise universal measurement module designed for engineers who need accurate data acquisition in distributed installations. This module, which is part of the modular and scalable Q.series X product family, now includes programmable sensor supply voltage and current limit capabilities per channel.

Versatile Input Channels with Programmable Sensor Supply


The Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module is equipped with four universal analog input channels, each capable of measuring a variety of signals, including voltage, current, resistance, RTD, and strain gage. It distinguishes itself with a programmable sensor supply for each channel, offering a supply voltage range from 3.3 V to 20 V (or up to 24 V if the supply voltage is greater than 27.3 V) in steps of 10 mV and a current limit ranging from 50 mA to 100 mA in increments of 100 µA.

Simplifying Sensor Integration with Advanced Sensor Supply

The Q.series X A107 module includes a versatile sensor supply suitable for a variety of active sensors such as pressure transducers, amplified load cells, and accelerometers. The integrated sensor supply eliminates the necessity for external power sources, ensuring that sensors receive adequate power directly from the DAQ system. This innovation simplifies the setup process, reduces wiring intricacies, and minimizes connection points, which, in turn, helps mitigate potential noise interference during data acquisition.

High-Resolution Data Acquisition and Signal Processing

The module’s precision is enhanced by a high-accuracy 24-bit ADC and a sample rate of 20 kS/s per channel, ensuring that each measurement is captured with high resolution and detail. The module’s signal conditioning capabilities, including linearization, filtering, averaging, and RMS calculation, allow for tailored signal processing that meets the specific requirements of complex engineering applications.

Galvanic Isolation for System Integrity

To ensure the protection of sensitive measurement equipment, the A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV provides 3-way galvanic isolation of 500 VDC between channels, power supply, and bus system, safeguarding against electrical noise and enhancing the integrity and reliability of the measurement data.

Robust Design for Demanding Environments

Constructed with an aluminum and ABS housing, the A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module is built to perform reliably in industrial environments, withstanding a temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C and humidity levels from 5 % to 95 % at 50 °C.

Communication and Compatibility

In addition to its versatile input channels and design, the Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module offers a wide range of communication and compatibility options to seamlessly integrate into various industrial systems. The Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module becomes a powerful and flexible tool for precise data acquisition and control in distributed installations.

  • Engineers can harness its direct EtherCAT capabilities, complemented by the use of a bus coupler for EtherCAT, for efficient and high-speed data exchange.
  • The module supports various interfaces such as CAN-FD, ModbusTCP, Profinet, OPC UA, and more when combined with the Q.station X, for compatibility with diverse control systems.

Key Features of the Q.series X A107 4xLemo2B SV

  • Universal Analog Input Channels: Equipped with four channels, each capable of sampling at 20 kS/s, accommodating a wide range of input types:
    • Voltage: Ranges of ±10 V, ±1 V, and ±100 mV.
    • Current: Up to ±25 mA.
    • Potentiometer: From 1 kOhm to 10 kOhm.
    • Resistance: Between 400 Ohm and 4 kOhm.
    • RTD: Supports Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors.
    • Strain Gage: With ranges of ±2.5 mV/V, ±50 mV/V, and ±500 mV/V.
  • Connectivity: Features 4 x Lemo 2B, 8-pole connectors for robust and secure physical connections.
  • Programmable Sensor Supply:
    • Voltage Supply: Adjustable from 3.3 V to 20 V (up to 24 V when supply is greater than 27.3 V) in precise steps of 10 mV.
    • Current Limit: Configurable from 50 mA to 100 mA in 100 µA increments, allowing for fine-tuned control to protect sensors and circuits.
  • Additional Power Supply Requirement:
    • The module requires a dedicated power supply for the SV bus-bar to maintain galvanic isolation, crucial for preventing electrical interference between channels. The independent power supply supports up to a maximum of 4A on the SV bus-bar, ensuring stable operation and system integrity.
Versatile Input Channels with Programmable Sensor Supply_GI

The Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV Universal Measurement Module with Sensor Supply delivers precise, adaptable measurement capabilities. Its comprehensive input channel configuration, enhanced sensor excitation, and robust design address the precise needs of technical engineers in a wide range of industrial applications.

If you’re eager to explore the specifics of the Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV universal measurement module, simply click here to access the datasheet. It’s a concise yet valuable resource to aid your decision-making process.

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