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June 21, 2016

Vibration and High Voltage Testing on Electric Metro System in Singapore

About ALSTOM Transport Singapore

ALSTOM Transport Singapore is a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and offers the most comprehensive range of systems, equipment and services in the rail sector. Alstom Transport manages all aspects of transport systems, including rolling stock, signalling and infrastructure, as well as offering its clients turnkey solutions.



The new trains in Singapore are part of Land Transport Authorithy`s efforts to enhance existing rail capacity for the coming years. Out of the 42 trains, 18 trains are aimed at the North East Line (NEL) of the network while the Circle Line (CCL) will receive the 24 trains. This will  improve fleet capacity by 60-70% on both lines.

The Gantner Solution

Once train cars shipped to Singapore they carrry out testing before they put them in to operation.

Test Measurement and Control system from Gantner Instruments equipped with multi-channel analog input modules and Dynamic High Voltage input modules with high isolations for Train testing for the complete driverless metro system designed and constructed by Alstom which are operating on NEL (North East Line) and CCL (Circle Line) Railway lines. The Alstom Metropolis C830 are the second generation of communication-based train control (CBTC) rolling stock currently using in Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines to meet the growing demand of passengers in Singapore.

NEL (North East Line) project

1 x Q.brixx station

1 x Q.brixx A101

2 x Q.brixx A107

2 x Q.brixx A128

CCL (Circle Line) project

1 x Q.brixx station

1 x Q.brixx A107

1 x Q.brixx A128

Q.brixx station

Q.brixx station

The powerful Q.brixx station is a programable test controller with logger functions.

Q.brixx A101

Q.brixx A101

The Q.brixx module A101 with two universal inputs was selected for vibration measurement to provide fast high accuracy digitalization.

Q.brixx A107

Q.brixx A107

The high density Q.brixx module A107 was selected to provide precise, isolated, noise free strain gage measurements.

Q.brixx A128

Q.brixx A128

The Q.brixx module A128 with 4 galvanically isolated input channels was selected for high voltage testing.

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