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Strain Measurements on Flexible Pipeline Systems
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Strain Measurements on Flexible Pipeline Systems

NOV in Denmark tests flexible pipeline systems with the Gantner Instruments Q.bloxx modules.

NOV (National Oilwell Vacro) is a global company in the fields of drilling and conveying technology. NOV supports the world’s most advanced drilling solutions in the oil and gas industry.

pipeline testing

Here almost 150 measuring channels are used in a test system:

The measured data is recorded at a sample rate of 10 kHz. A data logger was configured in the Q.station test controller that records the conditioned and raw data. The recorded data is transferred to a SQL database using the test.node server software.

At present, four test systems are being built; with additional systems being planned. Testing is performed in cooperation with our Danish partner IPC Teknik ApS.

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Turbomeca is a french manufacturer of com­pres­sors and turbines for the aviation industry, among its customers Eurocopter, Augusta und Sikorsky. For the test and measurement design of future test stands were the products from four manufacturers tested, and the companies rated on quality in production, and in all functional processes. Turbomeca selects Gantner Instruments GmbH as manufac­turer and accredited according to strict rules. Gantner Instruments is exclusively represented by BGP Electronic in France.

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New 4-channel carrier frequency amplifier for inductive transducers and strain gages

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