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Q.series X D101 SV: Digital Measurement Module with Sensor Supply
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Q.series X D101 SV: Digital Measurement Module with Sensor Supply

The Q.series X D101 4 x Lemo 2B SV from Gantner Instruments is a digital measurement module that has been engineered to facilitate a broad spectrum of digital signal processing tasks. It is designed with a focus on providing accurate and rapid data acquisition for industrial applications that require high-performance measurement capabilities with integrated sensor excitation.

Functional Design


The module’s configuration includes eight digital inputs and the same number of digital outputs, each one capable of being tailored to specific measurement requirements. The digital inputs can manage a range of signals from state changes to PWM inputs, making the module a versatile component for process control systems.

Measurement Capabilities

This module’s measurement capabilities are extensive, with frequency measurement inputs and outputs that can handle up to 1 MHz using the Chronos method for inputs and generate signals up to 10 kHz for outputs. For applications requiring precise movement tracking, such as motor control or material handling, the module’s counter functions offer forward and backward counting. Additionally, it supports quadrature counting with zero recognition and can effectively manage the detection of missing teeth in gear systems at frequencies up to 1 MHz.

Measurement Capabilities

Connectivity and Sensor Supply

Connectivity is assured with the inclusion of four Lemo 2B, 8-pole connectors, known for their reliability and durability. The module also provides a sensor supply with programmable voltage and current limits per channel, allowing engineers to customize settings for various sensors. Voltage can be set between 3.3 V and 20 V, with an extension up to 24 V if the supply exceeds 27.3 V, adjustable in steps of 10 mV. The current limit can be configured from 50 mA to 250 mA in 100 µA steps.

In addition to its sensor supply, the Q.series X D101 4 x Lemo 2B SV module offers a wide range of communication and compatibility options to seamlessly integrate into various industrial systems.

  • Engineers can harness its direct EtherCAT capabilities, complemented by the use of a bus coupler for EtherCAT, for efficient and high-speed data exchange.
  • The module supports various interfaces such as CAN-FD, ModbusTCP, Profinet, OPC UA, and more when combined with the Q.station X, for compatibility with diverse control systems.

It also operates effectively within a temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °C, accommodating diverse industrial environments.

Benefits of Sensor Supply

In the past, connecting active sensors required complex wiring with separate power sources. This setup introduced potential noise issues and added to the overall complexity of the system. With the D101 module’s integrated sensor supply, this challenge is effectively eliminated. The module provides a direct power supply to the sensors, removing the need for additional wiring and power sources.

The voltage range is programmable, ranging from 3.3 V to 20 V, extendable to 24 V if needed, with a current limit of up to 250 mA. This versatility allows for seamless integration with a wide range of sensors, including encoders and magnetic pickups.

From a usability perspective, this feature simplifies the process of connecting sensors, reducing the reliance on external power supplies. It minimizes the number of connection points, leading to a cleaner and more efficient setup. Moreover, it caters to a broad range of sensors with varying power requirements, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Industrial Compatibility

The D101 4 x Lemo 2B SV is designed to withstand the environmental rigors of industrial sites. Its construction is robust, and it operates reliably across a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, aligning with the industrial standards for measurement equipment.

The Q.series X D101 4 x Lemo 2B SV digital measurement module’s extensive input/output capabilities, integrated sensor supply, and thoughtful design position this product as a reliable choice for technical engineers seeking a capable and adaptable digital measurement solution.

For in-depth Information, click here to access the datasheet and get a comprehensive view of the Q.series X D101 4 x Lemo 2B SV digital measurement module. Make well-informed decisions for your systems with the facts at your fingertips.

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