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Q.series X A192
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Q.series X A192

The Multifunction Module when Flexibility and the Highest Performance Matters Most

The Q.series X A192 is the newest, most flexible, and capable I/O module in the Q.series X product line. The A192 has been designed with critical (aero)space testing applications in mind, for instance static fire test of rocket engines, structural health monitoring, fatigue validation, and iron bird testing. The module’s universal analog input can be configured for either voltage, current, resistance, RTD, thermocouple, strain gage or IEPE measurement. To allow for greatest flexibility in selecting the appropriate sensors for your test bench, the A192 provides fully programmable transducer excitation in combination with an adjustable input range and amplifier gain (automatic).

Like any of the Q.series X modules, various communication busses are supported; Ethernet, EtherCAT and LocalBus. In addition, the A192 includes an analog output to share the measurement signal with, for example, a control command system or redundant data logger. The two onboard digital I/O channels are freely configurable and can be used to communicate status to the test bench emergency system. TEDS can be added to simplify system setup, self-check or for sensor traceability. And not least of all, the module comes with three-way galvanic isolation up to 500 VDC. All this makes the A192 the most versatile measurement module available for your mission-critical ground test applications.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose I/O module with 1-Ch at 100 kS/s with programmable Sensor Excitation and Analog Output
  • Voltage ranges ±10 V, ±5 V, ±1 V, ±100 mV, ±10 mV
  • Current range ±25 mA
  • IEPE/ICP with programmable sensor excitation (1 mA to 12 mA in steps of 10 µA)
  • Thermocouple
  • Pt100/Pt100
  • Resistance
  • Strain Gage (quarter, half, full) with programmable sensor excitation (1 V to 12 V in steps of 1 mV, continuous short circuit proof)
  • 1 Analog output channel
    ±10 VDC or ±22 mA
  • 2 Digital Inputs or Outputs
  • Status, trigger, tare, alarm
  • Standard 10-pole or customized input sockets

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