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The future brings more distributed and adaptive monitoring and control applications, this requires better and faster utilization of data streams. Reliable and distributed data acquisition are mandatory, this is why Gantner Instruments developed is an innovative platform that combines Gantner Instruments’s proven edge-type monitoring and control units. An adaptive cloud system with a comprehensive user interface and applications with state of the art APIs. All these combined, allow the user to acquire data and read information about their assets in real-time from a remote location. cockpit

The flexible configuration of allows customers to build the system exactly to their needs and also protects their investment: once the powerful edge and scalable cloud modules are installed, together with customizable service plug-ins, they will allow meeting higher demands in the future. benefits

  • Customizable user interfaces with easy plug-in and feature add-on
  • Create your own dashboard for visualization
  • APIs designed for fast integration into the customer’s platform and data access
  • Efficient time series data processing (down to microseconds) due to a scalable platform
  • Unlimited data storage on the device or based on a scalable data stream processing platform (granularity: microsecond to minutes)
  • Continuous integration of GI.bench services and configurations to cloud level
  • Available platforms: cloud, appliance or desktop
  • And more ……

With our customers can adapt to increased data acquisition speed, data management, and analytics requirements. To learn more about this product click here.

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Mesures Solutions EXPO 2022

Being close to customers is the motto of the Mesures Solutions EXPO, which will be held on October 5 and 6 at the Cité des Congrès in Lyon. By proposing a general offer answering multiple potential needs, the exhibitors wished to gather the measurement professionals in the same place to propose their complete solutions. Visitors can thus access a diversified offer regardless of their expectations, techniques, and processes used.

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GI.bench is OUT!

We continue to improve our GI.bench data acquisition software with a strong focus on making it a scalable platform that is easy to use for both small high-speed measurement and high-channel-count, mixed-signal data acquisition applications.

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SUPSI PVLab Industry Days

On November 29 & 30, 2021, a webinar organized by SUPSI will be held on the topic of “Quality of production and production of energy”.

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Korea Aerospace Industries selects Gantner Instruments for Structural Testing

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has selected the Q.raxx slimline DAQ system from Gantner Instruments for static strength and fatigue evaluation testing of the LCH/LAH helicopter airframe, main landing gear, and engine mount structure.