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Our new fiber optic measurement – without the hassle
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Our new fiber optic measurement – without the hassle

Fiber optic measurement methods come with the advantage of being insensitive to interference from the environment. We all know that. What we also know is that actually using them in test and monitoring projects was not so easy so far. Either because there were steep learning curves or simply no integrated DAQ solution available. However, we have great news for you!

Gantner Instruments is launching a brand new Optical Gage Amplifier that offers all the benefits of fiber optic measurement, but without the hassle!

What is the F108?

The new F108 Optical Gage Amplifier combines unique fiber optic sensor technology with the modularity and versatility of the Q.series X product line. For quick and easy setup you can use GI.bench and even combine it with for cloud-based storage and monitoring.

The Q.series X F108 is designed for fiber optic π-phase-shifted Bragg grating (πFBG) for high resolution measurement. A laser with a narrow tuning range (~4 nm, nominally ~1548-1552 nm) is used to lock to the dip seen in a πFBG and to track that point as the sensor is subjected to changes in temperature or strain. Or in other words, smaller signal peaks can be measured and that is what makes the measurement more accurate and precise.

What do you have to do to use the unique optical sensor technology for your tasks in DAQ projects? You simply have to plug in… and you can start to measure!

We at Gantner Instruments optimized the signal’s way from sensing element to transducer to signal conditioner, to address a wide range of precision measurement challenges.

In which environments can you use the F108?

Fiber optic measurement technology comes with the big advantage of not being sensitive to environmental interference. Lightning strikes? No problem at all for the F108! Fiber optic sensors are intrinsically safe and can be put to use whenever the conditions are grim.

Why F108 and not any other fiber optic measurement product?

Unlike other fiber optic interrogators the technique used in Gantner Instruments’ F108 stands out with an unsurpassed measurement uncertainty, e.g. for temperature it is +/‑0.2 °C relative. Yes, you read it right – our fiber optic technology is that good! And what makes it stand out even more is that we took the technology and put it right there where you need it – a seamlessly integrated DAQ system.

  • Plug in and measure: Start taking measurements from the moment you plug in.
  • Measure faster: Single channel measurement speed of 10 kS/s
  • Just another member of the family: Fully compatible with the Q.series X product line and GI.bench for easy set up & data acquisition
  • 8 independent measurement channels

Do you want to learn more about Q.series X F108?

For further information visit our F108 website where you can download data sheets or contact your local Gantner Instruments sales representative.

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