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September 7, 2022

Energy Storage Solution Campus, Zwickau/Germany

There is no doubt that all roads lead away from the combustion engine. The future is in electromobility. Whether employing batteries or fuel cells, only time will tell.

To be there where it happens with measurement technology. And to prove it, we will soon be on the road for you in Saxony/Zwickau. The Saxony Automobile Suppliers Network (AMZ) invited us for this networking event and a presentation highlighting the challenges in battery testing and data processing. 

The region around Zwickau is a hot spot for companies along the value chain from cell manufacturing to recycling of energy storage systems.

On site we will demonstrate all essential data acquisition concepts for developing and testing energy storage systems. Measurements of the single cell, the module/stack up to the complete system are addressed. 

Example of I-t and V-t curves in a charge/discharge test at 10C
Source: Huan Yang et al., DOI:10.3390/en81112322 

Please stop by for knowledge exchange and book an appointment with our experts today. 



Contact for appointments

Bernhard Rennhofer

Specialist for Energy, Battery, and Fuel Cell
Contact person for Southern Germany

Dana Kaufmann

Company Representative and Expert for Measurement Technology
Contact for Northern and Eastern Germany


Energy Storage Solution Campus
Konzert- und Ballhaus Neue Welt
September 15, 2022
from 1 to 5 PM, Booth 14

Author: Julia Cavalli

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