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Graphical programming of the PAC functionality with test.con and test.con Studio.

Using test.con functionalities can be easily application specific graphically programmed on your PC. Drag the desired functions from an extensive library on the worksheet and connect components – not a line programming code is required. The macro technique improves clarity.

Designing HMI pages

Make masks with the Designer. Your own touch-screen HMI for the Q.station or for an external display or PC By mapping the display and control functions for the variables of the PAC application in a short time created an autarkic comfortable measurement system which contributes your handwriting.

test.con Studio is a free programming system, which can be loaded on any number of computers. Licensing of software is not required. test.con Studio runs on all test controller with the final designation …T runs such as Q.station 101DT or Q.gate IPT.

For all other test controller is test.conversion 4.4.0 available.

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