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Discover the GI.cloud from Gantner Instruments

Distributed Streaming Platform and Database

  • Scalable
  • Clustered

Today we can connect everything to the Cloud. Scalable, reliable, and secure data acquisition solutions are mandatory. The GI.cloud enables the acquisition and processing of data from distributed measurement devices. GI.cloud combines Gantner’s proven edge devices for monitoring and control with an adaptive and scalable cloud backend. GI.cloud comes with a comprehensive user interface and modern APIs.

Due to its proven technology and flexible architecture, GI.cloud meets your needs even if you are an asset manager or a testing organization. Today and tomorrow. The flexible configuration of GI.cloud enables you to set up a system that perfectly fits to your needs. GI.cloud also protects your investment: thanks to powerful edge and scalable cloud modules and customizable service plug-ins. Once installed they will allow to meet higher demands in the future.

With GI.cloud you will be future-proof. As you are versatile to adapt to increased data acquisition speed, data management and analytics requirements.


The Features of GI.cloud

GI.cloud offers scalable and distributed microservices for running in a cloud or on a appliance server.

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User Interface



Experience our scalable data platform for your world-wide DAQ

Real Time Data Visualization

  • From controller to cloud platform
  • Create your own dashboards
  • Show real time charts (different controllers, merged data streams)
  • Zoom into a single event (Raw data)
  • Cockpit: shows device location, status, warnings, and meta data

Life Time Data

  • Efficient storage of full life cycle data streams, e.g. 30 years of device data
  • Easy data access thanks to hot and cold data storage from 30 years to microseconds
  • Store and visualize triggered data and different sampling intervals


  • APIs: integrate the GI.cloud backend into your own premises
  • Build customized front end applications (JavaScript)
  • 3rd party data integration API: visible on the fly on frontend [e.g. 50MW PV data]
  • Cloud API examples: Machine Learning performance prediction (Cyprus), VKW (Austria), NLC (India)

Device Management

The easy way to support customers – worldwide

  • Access your controller from GI.bench anywhere, anytime with GI.cloud remote service
  • Manage all our devices from one the cloud instance
  • Show status, data traffic, alerts, logs – from all remote devices
  • Only internet port needed (https, port: 443, encrypted)
  • Forget about VPN, additional fees, port discussion with customers IT, …

Backend Architecture

  • Generic, normalized Backend scalable from MHz sampling speed to long term monitoring over decades
  • OneAPIs for data access
  • Enrichment for KPIs or customer specific
  • Unlimited Scalability: start with 1 Q.station add more and more; add servers on demand

Seamless combination

Seamless combination of Gantner’s edge computing devices with cloud platform solutions (microservices)

Customizable user interfaces

Customizable user interfaces with easy plug-in and feature add-on

Customized dashboard

Create your own dashboard for visualization

Fast integration

APIs designed for fast integration into customer’s platform and data access

Efficient time series

Efficient time series data processing (in microseconds) due to scalable platform

Efficient data storage

Clustered hot/cold data storage for minimum running cost

Unlimited data storage

Unlimited data storage on the device or based on a scalable data stream processing platform (granularity: microseconds to minutes)

Continuous integration of GI.bench

Continuous integration of GI.bench services and configuration to cloud level


Available platforms: cloud, appliance or desktop

GI.cloud Demo & Pricing

Contact us for your personal demonstration, demo login and price.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our test and measurement experts: +43 5556 77463-0