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Q.station X – Edge Device for High Performance Monitoring and Control, Remote Configuration and Universal Connectivity

Q.station X

Q.station X is a high-performance edge controller for data acquisition, which provides accurate synchronization of measurement data, high-speed redundant data logging, and parallel communication over TCP/IP, CAN, ProfiNet, Modbus, and EtherCAT. The Q.station X comes with an optional full-featured programmable application controller designed for complex control and automation tasks.

Q.station X

Advanced Features Matching Your Needs


  • Ethernet TCP / IP
  • EtherCAT (with module extension)
  • ProfiNet (with module extension)
  • RS-485: up to 48 Mbps
  • CAN

Data storage

  • RAM [MB] / Flash [MB]: 500 / 4000
  • SD card
  • USB expandable: 2 slots


  • Configuration (local or remote) via GI.bench
  • Modem (optional external device)
  • GI.cloud connection

DAQ Modules

  • Number of DAQ modules: Connect up to 64 different Q.series X modules
  • 6 digital inputs

Data logging / Control

  • Sampling rate up to 100 kHz (with Q.boost A101 up to 4MHz sampling)
  • Continuous / event-based logging
  • Number of data loggers with arithmetics,  20


  • Programmable edge computing functionality real time / non real time
  • Apps (external) can be installed
  • Display with touch (optional)
  • Typical power consumption [W]: <12

Discover the Q.series X from Gantner Instruments

Distributed and Flexible

The DAQ modules can be installed close to the point of measurement and connected to the controller. This reduces cable clutter and is user friendly. Also, notably, measurements are less prone to noise due to short sensor cables.

Portable and Compact

The ideal DAQ solution for on-the-go applications requiring higher performance in potentially harsh environments.

Multi-channel Measuring System

Efficient distributed DAQ with high-precision synchronisation and gradual expansion up to thousands of channels.

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