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Archiving of data onto local PCs, networks,
 and data base servers (Server Software)

With the test.node server software it is possible to read data from one or more test controllers, to format and/or convert the data and then store the resulting data files in the desired location (PC, network, server, etc.). To reduce the amount of data test.node is also able to calculate and to store statistical data based on the measured data such as minimum, maximum, standard deviation, or average values.

The most important features:

  • Converting data into different formats
(see test.viewer)
  • Calculation of statistical data such as minimum, maximum, standard deviation and average
  • Storing data onto a local PC, into a network
or into an SQL data base
  • Filenames (date, time, directory structure) freely definable
  • Copy & Paste or Cut & Paste of Test Controller data files
  • Selectable transmission rates and file size
  • Visualization of data (online or offline) with test.viewer

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