Gantner Instruments GmbH, Montafonerstr. 4, A-6780 Schruns, Austria
Gantner on expansion course
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Gantner on expansion course

In 2014 Gantner Instruments GmbH moved into its new, energy-efficient company building in Schruns. The modern building with an area of 1000 m² has been designed from the beginning to offer the possibility of extension. This option was used in 2017 by the company, which has a steady double-digit growth per year since its inception.

For Gantner Instruments, the extension of 500 m² for the development and logistics sector is a further step into the future and an investment in the location Schruns. The employees are pleased about the expansion of their domicile, which was opened in early August 2017, with all possibilities for new developments, efficient processes, training and customer discussions.

Gantner Instruments has also grown strongly in the area of environment solutions in recent years and has invested over one million euros in a new building with an area of approx. 400 m² in Zwönitz. Architecturally, the building has the same futuristic signature as the Gantner Instruments building in Schruns. The opening was on 17.11.2017. The team is pleased about the new premises, which are now used for development, assembly and logistics.

Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 5
D-08297 Zwönitz
Tel.: +49 37754 3351 0
Fax: +49 37754 3351 20

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