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Aerospace Testing Symposium 2022
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Aerospace Testing Symposium 2022

Gantner Instruments will be sponsoring the Aerospace Testing Symposium, which takes place from September 27-28 at London Farnborough Airport, UK. Discover and demo our latest products, technology and solutions at Booth 7!

Why Gantner Instruments for aerospace testing applications?

At Gantner Instruments, we are dedicated to helping customers transition smoothly to a sustainable aviation future. We understand that aircraft components’ and systems’ validation and certification are expensive and time-consuming. The costs and risks involved are substantial, pressure for quick entry into service is high, while sensor density and data produced during a test program are increasing progressively. By developing intelligent, open architectures and using a modern business approach, Gantner Instruments provides unique data acquisition solutions for:

  • Engine Testing
  • Structural Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • System Integration Testing

Every solution we suggest we can design and build for you in-house, giving you speed to market and minimal downtime on your project.

Want to know more?

Read more about how Gantner Instruments is supporting their customers in the transition to a sustainable aviation future, in our blog!

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stephan ploegman

Stephan Ploegman

Stephan is looking forward to meeting you at Booth 7. Don’t hesitate to contact him or book a meeting in advance.

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Boeing 777X folding wingtip

Boeing is looking to debut a new and ambitious aircraft in 2020: the 777X, a dual-aisle, twin-engine aircraft that is built around fuel efficiency. The aircraft is designed to use 12% less fuel than any competing aircraft and 20% less fuel than today’s 777.

News & Events

Our new fiber optic measurement – without the hassle

Fiber optic measurement methods come with the advantage of being insensitive to interference from the environment. We all know that. What we also know is that actually using them in test and monitoring projects was not so easy so far. Either because there were steep learning curves or simply no integrated DAQ solution available. However, we have great news for you!

Products & Services

Q.series X A107 SV: Universal Measurement Module with Sensor Supply

Gantner Instruments' Q.series X A107 4 x Lemo 2B SV module is an adaptable and precise universal measurement module designed for engineers who need accurate data acquisition in distributed installations. This module, which is part of the modular and scalable Q.series X product family, now includes programmable sensor supply voltage and current limit capabilities per channel.

Tips & Trends

Q.series interface with the Moog Aerospace Test Controller

The amount of data generated in an aircraft structural test program continues to grow. The density of load introduction points (actuators) and sensors (strain gauges, thermocouples, LVDTs) on a test article is increasing progressively and model validation requires higher data sample rates to capture more detail. The risks and costs involved in aircraft validation and certification are significant, and the requirement for quick entry-into-service is high. To minimize the impact of retrofitting in-service aircrafts, the ability to generate test results quickly is crucial to the success of a test program.