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Precise Measurement of High Voltage Systems
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Precise Measurement of High Voltage Systems

In high-voltage environments, the precision and reliability of measurement systems are crucial for safety, compliance, and performance optimization. High-voltage testing and measurement are integral to developing and producing equipment and systems that operate under high-voltage conditions, such as power transmission systems, high-voltage motors and generators, and components for electric vehicles. Gantner Instruments' Q.series X A12x modules (e.g., Q.series X A128) offer sophisticated solutions to address the unique challenges of high-voltage measurements.

Challenges in High Voltage Measurement

High-voltage measurement poses multiple challenges, including the need for precise accuracy, robust isolation, and effective management of large volumes of data without reducing the speed of data processing. These challenges are critical in fields such as electric vehicle (EV) and battery testing, as they require exact measurements of voltage, current, power, and insulation resistance under diverse and often harsh conditions.

Meet the Q.series X A12x Lineup

The Q.series X A12x modules are engineered to handle specific challenges associated with high voltage measurements:

Q.series X A121 High Isolation Multi-Purpose Module: This versatile module features two highly isolated input channels that can measure voltage (ranges ±10 V, ±1 V, ±100 mV), current ±25 mA, and other sensors like Pt100 / Pt1000 temperature probes or potentiometers or resistance measurement up to 100 kOhm. Strain gages (half and full bridge) in 5- or 6-wire connections can also be measured. Connect any IEPE-based sensor, e.g., an accelerometer, to the A121. It is particularly suited for applications demanding the highest isolation and diverse input capabilities, e.g., measuring strain or temperature with an RTD on a battery pack. The A121 offers high-speed digitalization at 100 kHz and 24-bit resolution, making it ideal for environments where safety and measurement accuracy are crucial. Its comprehensive signal conditioning options include linearization, digital filtering, averaging, scaling, and alarm functions, ensuring adaptable and reliable data handling.

Q.series X A123 High Isolation Module for Voltages: The A123 module includes four galvanically isolated input channels that handle voltage measurements at high potentials with ranges up to ±10 V, e.g., cell voltages but also ±1 V and ±100 mV for measuring current with a shunt on a very high potential up to 1200 VDC. The module has extensive signal conditioning capabilities, including 16 virtual channels, RMS calculation, and arithmetic functions. It is ideal for detailed voltage analysis in power transmission and high-voltage component testing applications.

Q.series X A124 High Isolation Module for Thermocouples: Tailored for accurate temperature measurements in high voltage environments, the A124 module supports four galvanically isolated input channels for non-insulated thermocouples. It features dynamic linearization and cold junction compensation, ensuring enhanced measurement accuracy. The A124 is capable of handling a broad temperature range, typically dependent on the type of thermocouple used, but generally covering from about -200°C to +1300°C, depending on thermocouple type (e.g., Types B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U with spring terminals). A type K version (NiCr/Ni) is also available with Lemo 2P or Thermosensor connectors. This module is ideal for monitoring thermal parameters in high-voltage equipment testing and development.

Q.series X A127 and A127 2CV/4CV for Electrical Power Measurement: The A127 modules were developed for comprehensive electrical power measurements. The standard A127 manages high-voltage inputs up to ±1200 V and features two additional inputs for current measurement via shunt resistors with ranges from ±80 mV to ±2400 mV. The A127 2CV and 4CV variants include built-in power supplies for measuring with current transducers (CTs) without any extra complicated wiring or equipment.

Q.series X A128 and A128 Plus for Dynamic High Voltage: The A128 modules are designed to address the needs of dynamic high-voltage applications, offering four isolated channels capable of handling voltages up to ±1200 V. The A128 Plus extends this capability to ±1500 V, supporting higher voltage ranges typically encountered in advanced research and high-energy applications. These modules include signal conditioning features such as linearization, digital filtering, and RMS calculations, which are essential for ensuring precise data acquisition under fluctuating voltage conditions.

Q.series X A138 for Battery Cell Voltage Measurements: The A138 module provides 8 channels with galvanic isolation up to 800 VDC, each with a ±5V measurement range, and is the ideal device for very precise battery cell voltage measurements. With its accuracy of ±1mV and EtherCAT option, it is the choice for large channel counts in automated battery testing applications.


Integration and Application Flexibility

Gantner Instruments’ Q.series X A12x modules are crafted with advanced integration capabilities, ensuring seamless compatibility with new and existing Gantner Instruments and third-party data acquisition systems. This integration extends across various communication protocols, enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of these modules for diverse industrial applications.

Comprehensive Connectivity Options

The Q.series X A12x modules can be integrated into modern data acquisition systems using several connectivity options:

  • Local Bus: This connection type allows for direct integration into Gantner Instruments’ own DAQ systems, ensuring tight coupling and synchronous data collection with high reliability.
  • EtherCAT: An industry-standard real-time Ethernet-based protocol, EtherCAT provides robust and efficient communication for high-speed data exchange. It makes the A12x modules particularly suitable for applications requiring real-time capabilities, such as dynamic testing environments in the automotive and aerospace sectors.
  • Ethernet: For standalone applications, the modules can be connected directly to network systems via Ethernet, offering flexibility in setup and remote accessibility, which is especially beneficial for distributed systems across large facilities or multiple locations, such as power plants or widespread manufacturing sites.

Integration with GI Software Solutions

The integration capabilities of the Q.series X A12x are further enhanced through Gantner Instruments’ software solutions, including GI.bench, GI.connectivity, and, which provide comprehensive tools for setup, management, and analysis of data acquisition systems:

  • GI.bench: This software platform is a central hub for configuring and managing the Q.series Classic and Q.series X modules. It offers a user-friendly graphical interface for real-time monitoring, visualization, and data logging. GI.bench supports custom dashboard creations, complex data analysis, and system diagnostics, which are crucial for ensuring optimal performance in testing and monitoring applications.
  • GI.connectivity: This baseline open framework of Gantner Instruments solutions enhances the modules’ ability to integrate seamlessly into various industrial environments. It supports data storage, security, and configuration management from the sensor interface to the data lake. GI.connectivity facilitates data acquistion on local devices, desktops, or via cloud-based systems, enabling flexible and scalable deployments.
  • As a scalable cloud storage and computing platform, efficiently handles the large volumes of data generated by the A12x modules. It provides powerful analytics tools and easy access to data for continuous online analysis and historical review. This cloud solution is particularly useful for applications requiring extensive data analysis capabilities and remote monitoring.

Application Versatility

With these advanced connectivity and software integration features, Q.series X A12x modules are equipped to handle the demands of various sectors, including automotive testing, energy management, and industrial automation. Organizations can achieve a highly integrated, flexible, and efficient data acquisition setup tailored to meet the specific challenges of high-voltage and high-complexity environments, whether the application involves rigorous testing protocols, continuous production monitoring, or complex energy distribution systems.

High Voltage Measurement in EV and Battery Testing

EV and battery testing are key areas in which high-voltage measurement is critical. Q.series X modules offer high isolation levels up to 1500 VDC, ensuring safe and precise measurements across all testing phases, from charge/discharge cycles to safety and abuse testing. These modules support the rigorous demands of testing EV components like battery packs and electric drive trains, where accurate measurement of high voltages and currents is essential for evaluating performance, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

Gantner Instruments’ Q.series X A12x modules are high-voltage measurement technologies that meet the complex requirements of industries engaged in high-voltage system design, testing, and operation. With their high precision, extensive isolation, and flexible integration capabilities, these modules ensure that high voltage measurements are conducted efficiently, safely, and accurately, supporting the advancement of technologies in electric mobility, power generation, and beyond.

Our sophisticated Q.series X A12x modules can transform your data acquisition strategies. Contact our expert sales team today to explore which solutions best fit your high-voltage measurement needs and to see our products in action. Our team is ready to provide personalized assistance to ensure you select the perfect configuration for your unique challenges.

Let us help you drive innovation and safety in your high-voltage applications.

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