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August 26, 2019

Measurements at -40°C ambient temperature

We just tested our Q.bloxx XL A104 TCK in the climate chamber at -40°C ambient temperature and it does a perfect job under these extreme conditions.

The Q.bloxx XL A104 TCK provides 8 channels for thermocouples (here as Type K, NiCr/Ni) with standard miniature front sockets.

During a day in the climate chamber at -40C it was completely frozen. After connecting with power supply to the I/O module it was delivering stable and precise measurement values.

When temperature was increasing it passed dew point. We observed no impact on the measurement quality or from condensation during this phase.

Our I/O module passed this test successfully – even when the datasheet recommends only -20°C operating conditions.

Author: Benedikt Heinz

Benedikt Heinz is Gantner Instrument's Vice President and Global Sales Manager.