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We are always at hand to answer your questions about applications, products or complete test and measurement setups − regardless of whether you are a customer or not.

We especially thank you for purchasing products and services from Gantner Instruments. We are committed to provide you with the best-in-class, individual support from our technical specialists – without any barriers. Our experienced engineers are always available for you whenever and wherever you need them.

It is no coincidence that Gantner Instruments is way ahead in terms of customer focus and solutions. Try us and see!

Technical Support

Technical Support International

Dominik Tschofen

+43 5556 77463-209

Technical Support US, Americas

Paolo Montinola

+1 888.512.5788 x703
Create online Tech Support Ticket for US customers here.

Technical Support China

Robert Zhang

+86 (10) 13400258-824

Technical Support Germany

Marc-Oliver Hess

+49 6106 66008-16

Trainings & Applications

Trainings & Applications US, Americas

Robert Duch

+1 888 512 5788 702

Commercial Order Processing

Head of Purchase and Administration

Günther Seidlich

+43 5556 77463-536

Support methods

We offer various support methods depending on the specific requirements.

Call our technical support

Discuss your measuring or testing requirements with an expert. You obtain the desired help or are called back for further clarification.

Send us your configuration files

You send us your configuration files and we simulate your application. Our Support Engineer will be pleased to help you find the right files.

Review and analyze your data together with us

Particularly with high data rates and numerous measuring channels it may be practical to review and analyze the data together with our expert measuring technicians. Use our test.viewer to record and send in your measured data.

We log onto your PC directly

Are you online with your measuring system? Use TeamViewer to allow our Support Engineers to log onto your PC directly. We can quickly check your configuration, view the measured data and make immediate suggestions for solving the problems.

Download TeamViewer

Support documents

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Do you have any questions? Please contact our measurement technology experts: