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Flexible Form Factors

We offer a variety of modular packaging styles and the ability to swap between them. Choose between Distributed and Flexible (bloxx), Portable and Compact (brixx), or Multi-channel Measuring Systems (raxx 3U & slimline). Q.series X measurement module front plates, connectors, and I/O cards are interchangeable between bloxx, brixx, and raxx (3U), so you can always adapt your system’s housing with minimal investment.

Q.series X Overview

DIN Rail System – bloxx

Distributed DIN rail assembly can be installed close to the measurement point while remaining connected to the controller. This reduces cable clutter and is user-friendly. Also, measurements are less prone to noise due to short sensor cables.

Portable System – brixx

Compact, rugged, and portable systems, are the ideal DAQ solution for on-the-go applications requiring high performance in potentially harsh environments.

19″ Rack 3U – raxx

19” 3U, high-density, multi-channel measuring systems for efficient distribution of DAQ with high-precision synchronization and ideal for gradual expansion up to thousands of channels. 


19” 1U, high-density, up to 16 universal measuring inputs for voltage, current, Pt100, or strain gage, 16 thermocouple amplifiers, and carrier frequency amplifiers with 8 or 64 digital inputs or outputs.

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