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Robust DAQ for Test-Cell Measurement and Control

Q.staxx is an innovative solution for movable DAQ used in engine test-cell applications. Q.staxx prevision measurement data acquisition modules are mounted on a passive back-plane, which is then attached to the engine skid. Sensors remain attached to the engine, and the interchangeable DAQ modules travel with the pallet from each test cell for different measurements and testing requirements. Q.staxx are the Q.bloxx universal measurement modules, in a sealed cast aluminum housing that is suitable for harsh environments.

The entire test measurement DAQ system is configured, wired, and verified prior to entering the system into the test-cell. Once in the cell, only a single connection to the test automation system is required. The entire pallet or skid can then be moved to a new cell with the connections intact, and the new Q.staxx DAQ modules can be interchanged if needed by simply plugging a new module into the system, without disturbing the wiring or connections to the engine.

Q.staxx units can be connected to a Q.series controller, such as a Q.station or Q.gate. Data is exchanged between the test controller and the modules via TCP/IP, EtherCAT, or Profibus=DP fieldbus sytems.

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