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Q.brixx XE

High Performance Rugged, Mobile EtherCAT-based Data Acquisition System

The Q.brixx XE system takes the functionality of the Q.series EtherCAT Technology and elivers it in a scalable and portable package housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure. Several I/O module types are available allowing you to “mix and match” measurement features with your applications needs. Up to 16 modules can be added to the Q.brixx XE system, including an EtherCAT bus coupler, measurement modules, and a number of flexible signal conditioning options.

All DAQ modules are equipped with:

  • DC (distributes clock) for data synchronization
  • FoE (file access over EtherCAT, ETG.1000.5) and CoE (CAN over EtherCAT, ETG.50001.1)
  • Configurable PDO mapping to optimize the data throughput
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility according to EN61000-4 and EN55011
  • Power supply 10 … 30 VDC
I/O Modules
Bus Coupler

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