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Photo: shutterstock.com / Mehmet Cetin

December 8, 2015

The Bridge between Orient and Occident

The bridge connecting Europe and Asia is almost one mile (1560 m) long. The daily traffic and the resulting strain on materials have led to the demand for professional structural monitoring. 48 strain gauge applications (SG rosettes) positioned along the supporting structural ribs dynamically measure the loads acting on materials. Signals from the strain gauges are acquired by the A116 measurement amplifier.

Compensation circuitry eliminates disturbances caused by the unavoidably long sensor cables resulting from the distribution of the strain gauges. Calculation of the principal strain measurements and angles is performed by the Q.station test controller, as well as data recording at a rate of 1 kHz. The entire bridge will be monitored for a period of two years. The measurement data can be checked at any time by means of a 3G modem.

Measurement Variables

Measurement in Numbers

Monitoring Period (in years)


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