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May 2, 2016

Test of Road Surfaces

The Chinese Research Institute of Highway – Ministry of Transport test the durability and resistance of the road surface of highways. A specially built Motodrom offers a test course with a length of 2039 m. With specific standardized test vehicles stress profiles be driven, which corresponds to a period of use of several years.

For the recording of all relevant parameters were more than 1,200 sensors installed mainly for pressures and strains, but also for displacement, temperature and humidity. Due to the size of the test course must be a decentralized system, divided into 64 sub-systems capture all measurement data and transmitted to a server.

Structure of one of 64 subsystems

For the recording of 1050 SG signals and pressure signals were 8-channel bridge modules Q.bloxx A116, for all other signals were 4-channel universal modules Q.bloxx A107 used. 64 Test Controller type Q.station capture all decentralized signals quickly and synchronously and transfer this to the server. The comfortable logging function, which records and saves the data in relation to events and several data rates .

The server software test.node collects the measurement data of all 64 sub-systems and stores them synchronously in a database. The file length and data format are configurable. The test engineers have the option to visualize the stored measurement data and online data at the data server at any time.

Due to the following characteristics, the Institute has decided to use the acquisition system Q.series:

  • Flexible, distributed structure
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Structure without a PC, controller logging function
  • Automatic start after a restart
  • Easy operation inclusive of online visualisation
Configuration window test.node

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