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December 8, 2015

Multichannel Measurement with IEPE Sensors

The detection of vibration in machines, vehicles or buildings is an integral part of structural and strength analysis. The new A111 measurement module − an addition to the Q.series product family − permits data acquisition from four IEPE sensors. All inputs are galvanically isolated and, consequently, highly robust and resistant to interference. The instrument’s four 100 kHz A/D converters provide 24-bit resolution for handling highly dynamic signals. Several measurement ranges and filtering options fulfill the requirements of vibration analysis.

The A111 module complements the Q.series of data acquisition modules and is available for rail mounting, e.g. in a 19-inch rack or a mobile housing.

Detection of vibration in machines, vehicles or buildings

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Author: Juergen Sutterlueti

Juergen Sutterlueti is Gantner Instrument's Vice President, Energy Segment and Marketing.

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