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November 16, 2021

Easy integration of Gantner Instruments product platforms into NI LabVIEW

Gantner Instruments is always moving to where industry trends and users meet today’s DAQ challenges quickly and efficiently. That is why our modular and scalable measurement platforms, Q.series and Q.series X, integrate seamlessly with NI‘s widely used graphical programming environment, LabVIEW.

Our brand-new LabVIEW VI package has been implemented in line with National Instruments style guides. Thanks to our universal API, it allows you to quickly access data streams from Gantner Instruments DAQ hardware within your LabVIEW environment. The VI package covers all Q.controller product groups, so you don’t need to download multiple drivers. 

The library contains comprehensive application examples and documentation that improve usability and make the installation process more comfortable for you. You can use our fully-functional Tutorial VI to understand how our integration with LabVIEW works. Alternatively, you can create an application of your own incorporating Gantner DAQ with just three VI’s. Everything you need is included in the VI package. 

The advantage is obvious; the Gantner Instruments VI package enables fast and uncomplicated integration of Gantner Instruments hardware’s exceptionally accurate, high-speed measurement data into LabVIEW.



Watch the video below for a brief explanation and demonstration of how quickly and easily you can integrate Gantner hardware into a LabVIEW programming environment.


Get the latest LabVIEW VI’s directly from our website.

The VI’s are also available from JKI VIPM and ni.com. (login required)

Download LabView Package

Author: Bernhard Rennhofer

Sales Team Germany
Gantner Instruments

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