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July 5, 2016

Construction Monitoring with Vibrating Wire

Gantner Instruments acquires measurement data from vibrating wire sensors to monitor the condition and loads of pre-stressed concrete constructions like bridges.

A vib wire sensor measures forces using a wire that vibrates at a high frequency. The applied external force changes the tension on the wire, this changes the frequency. The frequency is measured and indicates the amount of force on the sensor. A built-in thermistor is used to compensate thermal effects in the sensor. For data acquisition the system “plugs” the wire with a coil like a guitar string and then “listens” to the sound. The measurement data is acquired as micro strain measurement.

Product Data sheet Measurement System for Vibrating Wire e.bloxx D3-VW

Author: Benedikt Heinz

Benedikt Heinz is Gantner Instrument's Vice President and Global Sales Manager.

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