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May 19, 2017

Condition Monitoring Web Portal Launched:

Monitoring of Rotating Assets with a Standard Web Browser

Gantner Instruments has launched a web portal for condition monitoring (cms) for all kinds of rotating assets like pumps, fans, turbines, compressors. The portal gives an overview about the condition and vibration levels measured e.g. with accelerometers. With configurable dashboards and different types of charts trend parameters can be displayed for status indication and long term monitoring. Integrated alarm and reporting functions combined with an online working issue management / ticket system allows the monitoring of a large fleet of different assets very efficiently.

The web portal can be used in both public and private version. Public means it is accessible via internet like all other web pages while the private version is installed on a dedicated server within a corporate network.  Different access level, configurable user management and limited access to asset groups are only a few features to secure the measurement data from unallowed access.

With our Q.series as data acquisition system for the cms web portal trend, parameters are calculated online on the controller. Only average, min, max and the actual value are transferred to the portal server e.g. every 30s to reduce the amount of monitoring data. Rawdata is only transferred in case of warning or alarm level triggered (with pre and post trigger) or periodically e.g. every 24h a snapshot of 20 seconds.  Trend parameters are e.g:


in time domain

  • rms
  • peak / peak-to-peak
  • crest
  • curtosis


in frequency domain

  • vibration velocity
  • vibration displacement


In addition a FFT processor is running on the DAQ controller and sends the spectra periodically to the portal server. All data are trensfered as .csv files via sftp. The data is viszualized by different charts or gauges. All data can be exported as standard .csv file format for further evaluation.

For all features of the cms web portal please download the pdf file:  web portal cms release 1 overview


Condition Monitoring (CMS)  Web Portal:

Request your free demo access: b.heinz@​gantner-instruments.com

Author: Benedikt Heinz

Benedikt Heinz is Gantner Instrument's Vice President and Global Sales Manager.

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