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July 6, 2016

Behind the Scenes: GI.cloud – Device Management

With the new GI.cloud, connecting and collecting data from distributed measurement devices, is an easy task!

The only thing needed to bring a device of Gantner Instruments to the GI.cloud is a connection to the Internet. There is no need to set up a VPN or configure routers and other network devices.

Via the GI.cloud portal, devices can be added to the GI.cloud and important states are reported in a dashboard. It is possible to define different user roles to ensure that access to the devices is only possible to allowed users. Furthermore, communication between a measurement device, the GI.cloud and our standard software tools, are handled in logical separated environment on the cloud side. These facts in combination with full encrypted connections ensures a maximum level of safety.

In a first test, also shown at various exhibitions, Gantner Instruments started capturing data from different devices. The data is stored inside the GI.cloud storage and can be visualized inside the web portal. In the future, this features will be extended to a full customizable dashboard view of one or more devices connected to the GI.cloud.

Author: Martin Jenny

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