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Civil Engineering

Measurement Technology for Civil Engineering

Leading asset owners and test organization rely on Gantner Instruments precision test and measurement data acquisition and control for a variety of test measurement applications.

Our Civil Engineering Performance Monitoring Offering

Our products are well suited to measure strains, forces, crack widths, vibrations, pressures continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This has to be recorded synchronised over long distances and are impacted by meteorological parameters such as wind force, wind direction, air pressure and temperature.

Our DAQ systems measure precise temperatures and record dynamic force-displacement curves, including an evaluation of the results.

Monitoring of Construction and Renovation

When buildings are under construction or refurbishment (e.g. concrete pillars) the strength has to be ensured. Here we offer not only complete solutions but also mobile, autonomous systems.

Test of anchor
Fire security test

Architectural masterpieces, like the Millau viaduct in France, the European Cup stadium in Braga, Portugal or the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul must be constantly monitored to ensure their safety.

The monitoring of historic constructions such as the old city walls in Nuremberg, Germany, or the historic bridge in Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, helps prevent overloading and resulting damage.

Loads should be monitored throughout the duration of maintenance work performed on highway bridges. The relocation of vehicles from one side to another on a bridge especially results in particular stresses and strains.

You can find more applications in our blog.

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