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The IET Nuclear Engineering for Safety, Control and Engineering 2022
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The IET Nuclear Engineering for Safety, Control and Engineering 2022

Fully supported by the United Kingdom Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), Nuclear Engineering for safety, control and security addresses the challenges faced by those working in the sector. As usual there will be a mix of practical guidance for today’s issues as well as exploring new technology and innovation for future application.

This year’s event includes updates on Advanced Nuclear Technologies and Hinkley Point C as well as practical advice on cybersecurity, digital transformation, human factors and more.

The event is not only interesting for engineers, managers or safety experts, but also for students or people who want to enter the nuclear industry.

Join the event to benefit from a high-level view on Advanced Nuclear Technologies alongside detail that you can apply to your own workplace.

Here you can register for the event.

Gantner Instruments and UK sales partner GI Systems Ltd are happy to again supporting this important IET nuclear safety and control event.

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  • Venue:           Manchester, UK
  • Date:              16 March 2022
  • See:      
  • Contact:         Rob Stockham |

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