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May 20, 2022

Webinar: Crate.io + Gantner: Real-time energy grid control based on big data

With the increase in renewable energy sources, the challenge for electric grid operators to keep grid frequencies stable has become even more significant. Constant data collection is essential for modern control technology and makes it possible to execute controls more quickly, whereby the use of smart grids can be further optimized.

Gantner Instruments, a global leader in distributed data acquisition, continues to work with researchers from the University of Cyprus to find better ways to optimally and intelligently manage electric power consumption and generation, especially in local grids with a high proportion of renewable energies.

Projects like these require the storage of many parameters for decades; Early on, Gantner recognized that cloud storage and computing were the future of intelligent grid monitoring and screened the market for concepts that simultaneously support data stream processing and hot data. Gantner’s cloud backend now has multiple databases for gigawatts of solar power with 200,000 parameters at one-minute resolution and energy assets with more than 8,000 parameters at one-hertz resolution. We can combine that data and make it available quickly, independently of how long the history is.

Join our webinar to learn how Gantner technology relies on Apache Kafka for data streaming and the robust architecture of CrateDB, a world-leading multi-model database. Learn how Gantner’s cloud backend makes data analysis at scale very easy, analyzes the amount of data generated by modern energy projects in real-time, and improves power generation and consumption processes through machine learning.

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Crate.io + Gantner: Real-time energy grid control based on big data
Online Webinar
2pm, UTC+2
24. Mai 2022

Author: Juergen Sutterlueti

Juergen Sutterlueti is Gantner Instrument's Vice President, Energy Segment and Marketing.

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