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May 2, 2016

Test Cell Control and Monitoring IO

Digital IO for Engine Test Measurements

Optimizing power, reducing fuel consumption, reducing emissions, increasing component life-span, and reducing the weight of an engine are all goals of any engine developer. There is a lot required and expected from the measurement data acquisition and IO technology used during the engine testing process. Gantner high-precision, portable, test cell IO has been selected by many major automobile manufacturing companies for their engine testing purposes.

All Q.brixx IO modules are complete measurement systems. In fact, they do much more than a typical IO module. Each module packs it’s own microprocessor, FPGA, and has 24-bit A/D converters on every channel. The result is an IO module that can handle all acquisition, isolation, signal conditioning, fault detection, alarming, averaging, and more, all before the data is even sampled by the system.

Since different applications have different specific needs, we developed a full family of modules with each one suited for a specific purpose. Whether it’s 2 channels of universal signal conditioning at 100 kHz, or 16 channels of DC-only data at 10 kHz, we have a module that has been designed to provide the best price and performance for the application at hand. This modular approach ensures you get a system that’s just right for you.

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