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August 14, 2016

Q.station: Data Logging – zip files and MD5 checksum available

The Datalogger inside Q.station has been improved, with the option to store data directly to .zip compressed files. In addition to the advantage of a reduced file size, the zip mechanism also ensures that the consistency of the file can be checked if it was sent over Internet.

Another new feature is the ability to add the MD5 checksum to the file name of stored data files is implemented. Simply add %%MD5 to any position in the Logger name and the MD5 sum will be inserted.


What is MD5 checksum?

MD5 checksum is an algorithm used in data security and cryptography fields. For a file it is a 128-bit value, something like a fingerprint of the file. There is a very small possibility of getting two identical checksums of two different files. This feature can be useful both for comparing the files and their integrity control.


For More Information about the Q.station: Datasheet & Manual

Author: Rebekka Brunner

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