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August 17, 2016

Q.bloxx-A106 Universal Bridge Measurement Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module

The Q.series has been designed for the demanding measurements found in today’s industrial measuring and testing environments such as component, engine, and materials testing. Applications range from single, stand-alone solutions to networked, multi-channel systems.

Key Features of Q.bloxx A106 Universal Bridge DAQ:

  • 2 analog input channels
    strain gage and inductive measuring bridges (full, half, quarter), LVDT, RVDT
  • DC and carrier frequency (CF) principle
    DC excitation, 600 Hz CF excitation, 4.8 kHz CF excitation for bridges
  • 1 analog output per channel
    voltage ±10 V, 10 kHz
  • Fast high accuracy digitalization
    24 bit ADU, 10 kHz sample rate per channel
  • 1 digital in or output per channel
    input: state, tare, memory reset
    output: state alarm, threshold
  • Signal conditioning
    16 virtual channels, linearization, digital filter, average, scaling, min/max storage, RMS, arithmetic, alarm
  • RS485 fieldbus interface
    up to 48 Mbps: LocalBus; up to 115.2 kbps: Modbus-RTU, ASCII
  • Connectable to any Test Controller
    e.g. Q.gate or Q.pac
  • Galvanic isolation
    of I/O-signals, power supply, and interface; isolation voltage 500 VDC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    according EN 61000-4 and EN 55011
  • Power supply 10 to 30 VDC
  • DIN rail mounting (EN 50022)


For More Information about Q.bloxx A-106 Universal Measurement Module for Bridges click here:

Bridge Measurement DAQ Q.bloxx A106

Author: Juergen Sutterlueti

Juergen Sutterlueti is Gantner Instrument's Vice President, Energy Segment and Marketing.

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